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This page is dedicated to the XpressGa commuter bus services offered within Henry County.

Current Services

There are four Park & Ride lots serving Henry County with four routes connecting these locations to Atlanta.

Park & Ride Lots

1059 Industrial Parkway
McDonough, GA 30253

656 Highway 138 West,
Stockbridge, GA 30281

4000 Mount Zion Parkway
Stockbridge, GA 30281

104 Woolsey Road
Hampton, GA 30228


Route 430 (serving McDonough)

Route 431 (serving Stockbridge and Brandsmart)

Route 432 (serving McDonough, Stockbridge, and Brandsmart)

Route 440 (serving Hampton)

Future Service

The XpressGA plans for future service are broken into Horizon 1, implemented in 2015, and Horizon 2 & 3. Horizon 2 is slated for FY 2016-2021; whereas, Horizon 3 is slated for FY 2022-2026.

XpressGA Horizon 1 Additions

Horizon 1 was approved in August 2015 and made improvements to bus routes and route frequency. These improvements were put in place at no additional cost.

Horizon 1 Service Plan

XpressGA Horizon 2 Additions

Two additional Park & Ride lots are planned to further serve Henry County. Expanded service will be added after the lots are completed.

The first lot will be on Jonesboro Road near the new I-75 express lanes interchange. This project is being partially funded by a $3.5 million grant from the state-level GO! Transit Capital Program. The estimated completion date is September 2018.

The second lot will be an expansion of existing facilities within the Stockbridge area to provide new service between Henry County and Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport.

Cost estimates from XpressGA for the two new projects are shown below.

Location Lot Cost Annual Route Cost Bus Cost
Jonesboro Rd $9,500,000 $2,063,000 $10,400,000
Stockbridge $7,000,000 $2,683,000 $1,950,000

An additional Park & Ride project mentioned is building a new Georgia Regional Transportation Authority owned Hampton lot. The current Hampton lot is borrowed parking from the Atlanta Motor Speedway.

There are no Horizon 3 improvements planned for Henry County.

Horizon 2 & 3 Service Plan
Horizon 2 & 3 Map

Last Updated January 20, 2017


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