Change of plans on Mt. Bethel Road

The zoning advisory board approved a variance on Thursday, May 28, that will support an applicant’s change of plans concerning thirty acres in Ola. The subject property is located east of Mt. Bethel Road. The property was previously rezoned in August 2019 from RA (residential agricultural) to R-2 (single-family residential) for a twenty-nine (29) lot... Continue Reading →

Zoning Board to meet over Zoom on May 14

A new Ace Hardware store is proposed in Union Grove. (Stroud and Company photo) The Henry County Zoning Advisory Board met on Thursday, May 14, at 6:30 pm. The meeting was held virtually over Zoom. The ZAB considered four variance requests during the meeting. A public hearing was held for each agenda item. Actions taken... Continue Reading →

ZAB tables Kelleytown grocery store

January 12 update: the zoning advisory board recommended approval of the rezoning request. The zoning advisory board tabled a rezoning request in November for a new mixed use development at the southeast corner of state route 155 and Kelleytown Road. The ZAB also recommended approval of a concurrent request to amend the future land use... Continue Reading →

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