Commissioners receive first update about Megasite

The Henry County Megasite is shown highlighted in yellow. (TSW Photo) Earlier this month, Henry County officials received their first update regarding the ongoing planning study for the Henry County Megasite. The megasite includes approximately 6,000 acres located west of US Highway 19 / 41 in southwest Henry County. Commissioners hired Tunnell-Spangler & Associates, Inc.... Continue Reading →

SPLOST IV Completed Projects

SPLOST IV is past the two-thirds mark on its collections timeframe and many projects have been completed using program funds. The listing of project completions, as of June 2018, is available here. Highlights include the rebuilding of Fire Station 2 in Locust Grove, completing the SR 81 realignment at SR 3 in Hampton, constructing the... Continue Reading →

SPLOST Transportation Update to BOC

A SPLOST update was provided at the March 6, 2018, meeting of the Henry County Board of Commissioners. The update focused on transportation projects and was provided by Roque Romero, SPLOST transportation projects director. Of the 68 transportation projects included in SPLOST IV, 43 have been completed. Major projects completed to date include the SR... Continue Reading →

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