Stockbridge approves amphitheater construction

The city of Stockbridge has awarded a $15.8 million dollar bid to construct the city's new 4,185 person amphitheater. The project, first envisioned in the city's 2012 LCI study, will be located behind city hall on North Henry Blvd. The bid includes $14,665,368 for the construction of the new venue, plus $1,172,412 for a new... Continue Reading →

Stockbridge working on plans for amphitheater

The city of Stockbridge is preparing to build a long-envisioned amphitheater in the downtown area. The facility will be located on land behind city hall owned by Stockbridge. At the city council meeting in June, Stockbridge selected an architect for the project. The council is working to break ground on the project within one year.... Continue Reading →

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