SPLOST V Projects

The SPLOST V committee met seventeen times over the course of nine months to develop a list of recommended projects for the SPLOST V program. The list of recommendations was based on a projected six years of SPLOST collections and was presented to the board of commissioners on April 16.

In June, the Henry County Board of Commissioners held a joint meeting with the four municipalities within Henry County to consider an intergovernmental agreement. County and city officials were unable to agree to terms for the proposed SPLOST V program, resulting in the board of commissioners selecting to pursue a five-year program instead of six years. The county commissioners called the SPLOST referendum to be placed on the November ballot on July 29, with a second updated resolution on the meeting agenda for August 20.

The list of committee recommended projects is available to view on the county website. A PowerPoint presentation is also available. This page will be updated to reflect the final project list after its adoption.

Last updated on August 17, 2019


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