Reeves Creek is a proposed 465 acre mixed use development in Stockbridge. The project is anchored by a proposed county-owned convention center and 10,000 seat arena, but also includes over 1,600 residential units, commercial space, office buildings, and a mass transit station. The majority of the land is located within unincorporated Henry County, with small portions in the city of Stockbridge and unincorporated Clayton County.

Henry County Commissioners approved a memorandum of understanding for the project in May 2019. The MOU states Henry County will “develop the municipal conference site into a regional arena and conference center with appropriate amenities.” The convention center and arena have been estimated to cost $90 million dollars to build; however, similar projects in Georgia suggest the cost could be significantly higher.

Henry County is considering utilizing the governmental services authority to bond funds for the convention center’s construction, according to a financial presentation in August. The powers of the GSA were expanded in 2019 by the Georgia General Assembly at the county’s request.

Proposed Site Plan

Restaurants & Hotels
• Hotels (3 x 4-story buildings)
• Retail Shops (15,000 SF)
• Restaurants (3)

Medical Office Park
Office Buildings (14 totaling 250,000 SF)

Retail Power Center
• Club Warehouse (135,000 SF)
• Home Improvement Warehouse (100,000 SF)
• Retail Anchor / Shops (75,000 SF)

Restaurants and Retail
35.7 acres of unspecified restaurants and retail space

Office and Flex Space
• Flex Space (150,000 SF)
• Offices (4 x 2-story buildings)

Mass Transit Complex
• Mass Transit Station
• Innovation Center (50,000 SF)
• Hotels (2 x 4-story buildings)
• Restaurants / retail / lofts

Office Towers
10-story office towers (2)

Convention Center / Arena
• Arena (10,000 seats)
• Arts Center (45,000 SF)
• Convention Center (50,000 SF)
• Hotels (2 x 5-story buildings)
• Parking Decks (3)

Single-Family Homes #1
206 Homes (60′ x 140′ lots)

Single-Family Homes #2
76 Homes (60′ x 120′ lots)

130 Homes (45′ x 120′ lots)

Senior Care Community
• Cottages (33)
• Duplexes (15)
• Independent Living (168)
• Assisted Living (160)
• Memory Care (40)

Apartment Homes
Apartments (800)

Interstate 75 Access
• Proposed I-75 NB access at Walt Stephens Road
• Conven. Store & Fuel Pumps
• Restaurant
• Existing Cell Tower

Excerpts from the project site plan are credited to Paulson Mitchell Incorporated of Roswell, Georgia,

About the Developer

Forest Development Group of Ellenwood, GA was registered with the Georgia Secretary of State’s office in December 2017. The company has no online presence.

ARC Comments

The Atlanta Regional Commission provided commentary on the project as part of the Development of Regional Impact (DRI) review. Comments included the following:

  • “[C]are should be taken to ensure that the development, as constructed, promotes an interconnected, functional, clearly marked and comfortable bike/pedestrian experience on all streets, paths, entrances, and parking areas. Given the scale of the development and its footprint across 465 acres, this is particularly important in terms of creating strong connections between the various districts within the site, most of which primarily feature a single land use.”
  • “[T]he layout of uses and buildings within this site could be made more urban and walkable, creating a stronger sense of place. In general, ARC recommends a more “fine grain” mixing of uses on the site wherever possible.”
  • “[M]ost buildings and facilities within each district are separated from each other by extensive surface parking lots, further distancing people from destinations and therefore creating automobile dependency for internal site circulation. ARC recommends locating more office, retail, restaurant and hotel uses immediately around the arena and convention center, linked with high-quality pedestrian infrastructure.”

Traffic Impact Study

The traffic impact study for the project estimates over 37,000 new daily vehicle trips would be added to surrounding roadways if the project is built. The study also recommends an estimated $108 million worth in transportation improvements to improve roadways.

Similar Venues in Georgia

Infinite Energy Arena

Location: Gwinnett County
Capacity: 13,100 seats
Building Cost: $91.5 million
Year Opened: 2003

Gateway Center

Location: College Park
Capacity: 5,000 seats
Building Cost: $42 million
Year Opening: 2019

Savannah Arena

Location: Chatham County
Capacity: 10,000 seats
Building Cost: $165 million
Year Opening: 2022 (estimated)

Last updated on September 16, 2019