The McDonough Parkway is a bypass around the McDonough Square. Built in segments, significant progress has been made towards completing the bypass within the SPLOST IV program.

The green segments are open and available for use by motorists:

  • West Segment – SR 20 / 81 to Jonesboro Road
  • Northwest Segment – Jonesboro Road to US 23 / SR 42
  • Northeast Segment – SR 155 to SR 20

The yellow segments are new roadways under development:

  • Southwest Segment – SR 20 / 81 to Henry Parkway
  • North Segment – US 23 / SR 42 to SR 155

Construction of the southwest segment started in August 2018. The roadway will not be connected to Georgia 20 and opened to traffic until Georgia DOT installs a roundabout at the intersection in a few years.

The north segment is in right of way acquisition. As of July 1, 2019, thirteen out of fourteen purchase agreements have been signed by land owners within the corridor. It is unknown when funding will become available to construct the roadway.

An eastern segment is proposed within the regional transportation plan; however, no activity has occurred to date on the project and residential development in the area makes the roadway unlikely to be built. Existing roads form a natural connection from the McDonough Parkway to the Ola community. The roads, depicted in blue on the map above, are Turner Church Road, Honey Creek Road, and Snapping Shoals Road.

When considered alongside the McDonough One-Way Pair project, traffic around the McDonough Square should be greatly improved after these projects are completed.

Last updated on August 22, 2019