McDonough Parkway

The McDonough Parkway is a bypass around the McDonough Square. New segments have been funded under SPLOST IV to provide additional connectivity.

Segments in green are open. These segments connect:

  • SR 20 / 81 to Jonesboro Road (west segment)
  • Jonesboro Road to US 23 / SR 42 (northwest segment)

The yellow segments are new roads under SPLOST IV. Construction of the southwest segment between SR 20 / 81 and Henry Parkway is ongoing after work started in August 2018. The final touches on construction, to include paving the asphalt road surface and curbs, are not included in the scope of work. This is because of budget constraints and more funding will be programmed under the SPLOST V renewal.

Connecting the southwest segment to state route 20 / 81 will be completed by the Georgia DOT widening project scheduled to begin in 2020. Part of the GDOT project will improve the intersection of SR 20 and McDonough Parkway into a two-lane roundabout. The present-day traffic signal at this location will be removed during the widening work.

The north segment between US 23 / SR 42 and SR 155 is close to completing right of way acquisition. Construction will be funded inside SPLOST V. Once this portion is constructed, then new travel options will open up along the northern side of the McDonough Square.

Turner Church Road connecting SR 155 to SR 20 on the northeast segment was a dirt road. A SPLOST IV project has paved the road and improved connectivity with the Ola area. The Ola area can be accessed via the Turner Church Road – Honey Creek Road – Snapping Shoals Road corridor. This is shown in blue on the Google map.

Combined with the McDonough One-Way Pair project, traffic within and around the McDonough Square should be greatly improved by these projects.

Last updated on March 8, 2019


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