I-75 New Interchange

Proposed layout of new I-75 exit at Bethlehem Road
Proposed layout of new Bethlehem Road exit (Photo: GDOT)

May 2019 update: the board of commissioners tabled a contract for the project’s preliminary engineering. The future of the interstate exit is uncertain.

Henry County is studying the addition of a new interchange on I-75 between SR 155 and Locust Grove. The exit should have interstate mile marker 214.

The preferred location is on a new Bethlehem Road immediately south of the existing bridge over I-75. This would allow the existing bridge to remain open during construction and minimize impacts to drivers.

Exit 214 signage
Possible Exit 214 Sign

View the IJR Presentation
from December 2017

View the Feasibility Study
from September 2015

The proposed interchange is meant to alleviate truck traffic at the SR 155 exit. The feasibility study found truck traffic could be reduced by fifty percent at exit 216. The study also found up to twenty percent of vehicle volume at exit 212 / Bill Gardner Parkway would divert to the new exit.

The Interchange Justification Report was completed in January 2018. This is a technical analysis showcasing the need for the exit. The document was approved by the Georgia Department of Transportation in September 2018 and the Federal Highway Administration in December 2018.

The next step involves preliminary engineering and the environmental impact study. The design phrase should take four years and the environmental study must be approved by the FHWA before proceeding further.

Right of way acquisition is estimated to start in 2023. Construction could start as early as 2025 and last three to four years. Cost estimates for the project total $40 – $50 million dollars and Henry County is working with state and federal partners to secure financial help.

To date, the county has pledged $5.5 million under SPLOST IV. Approximately $300,000 has been spent to fund the feasibility study and interchange justification report. The remaining $5.2 million is sufficient to cover the environmental analysis and preliminary engineering design work.

Last updated on May 20, 2019

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