Sheriff 2020

Henry County voters will head to the polls in 2020 to elect a new Sheriff following the retirement of three-term Sheriff Keith McBrayer. Ten candidates have qualified to succeed him.

On June 9, voters in the Democratic and Republican Primaries will narrow down the field. Seven candidates are running for the Democratic nomination and three candidates have qualified for the Republican nomination.

If no candidate receives a majority of the votes in their respective primary, the top two will advance to a primary runoff on August 11. The general election will be held in November.

Locust Grove News provided each Sheriff candidate with a questionnaire. The community page has shared each candidate’s responses with Moving Henry Forward for inclusion on our website.

Check out the responses from all candidates at the links below:

Democratic Primary: Tony Brown | Marion D. Calhoun | Curtis S. Farmer
Gazzara Ricardo Hill | Reginald Scandrett | Eric J. Wilson

Republican Primary: Willie Brown | Kenny Lee | Jack Redlinger

Main Pages: Elections 2020 | Sample Ballot | Sheriff 2020

Democratic Primary

Tony Brown

  • Years in Law Enforcement: 20+
  • Work Experience: United States Air Force (retired) – Military Intelligence Officer, trained Military Police, and experience as a Federal Special Investigator
  • Facebook page | Website

Marion D. Calhoun

Curtis S. Farmer

  • Years in Law Enforcement: 25
  • Work Experience: Fulton County Sheriff’s Office (retired)
  • Website

Gazzara Ricardo Hill

  • Years in Law Enforcement: 28
  • Work Experience: Police Captain (current), United States Navy

Brian McGee

  • Years in Law Enforcement: 28
  • Work Experience: Fulton County Sheriff’s Office (retired), United States Army (1986–91)
  • Facebook page | Website

Reginald Scandrett

  • Years in Law Enforcement: 30
  • Work Experience: DeKalb County Sheriff’s Office (retired)
  • Facebook page | Website

Eric J. Wilson

  • Years in Law Enforcement: 25+ (23 in Henry)
  • Work Experience: Henry County District Attorney’s Office (current), Henry County Sheriff’s Office, Henry County Police Department, United States Marine Corps
  • Facebook page | Website

Republican Primary

Willie Brown

  • Years in Law Enforcement: 15
  • Work Experience: Henry County Sheriff’s Office, United States Navy (twenty-one years)
  • Facebook page | Website

Kenny Lee

  • Years in Law Enforcement: 24
  • Work Experience: Clayton County Department of Corrections
  • Facebook page

Jack Redlinger

  • Years in Law Enforcement: 37
  • Work Experience: Newton County Sheriff’s Office, Atlanta Police Department (retired)
  • Facebook page | Website

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