Henry County residents not on-board with HR 910

A commuter train, like the one pictured above, could be built in Henry County in the 2030s if voters adopt a local transit sales tax. (AJC photo) Some blog followers may be aware that Georgia's motor fuel tax collections are restricted and can only be spent on roads or bridges, but a proposed constitutional amendment... Continue Reading →

ATL Board adopts regional transit plan

Commuter rail trains, like the one pictured above, are planned in Clayton County. (AJC photo) In a historic moment on Friday morning, the Atlanta Transit Link (ATL) Authority adopted its first regional transit plan. The plan is one of the key objectives charged to the ATL Board after its creation in 2018 by state lawmakers.... Continue Reading →

Transit X proposal nixed after AJC investigation

An idea to build monorail-like mass transit throughout Henry County was first presented to the general public during a town hall meeting in September 2018, but that proposal will not move further following an investigation by the Atlanta Journal Constitution. The AJC is reporting that Transit X entrepreneur Mike Stanley changed his name in 2014... Continue Reading →

Transit X could be coming to Henry County

March 2019 update: the Atlanta Journal Constitution has reported that Transit X and Henry County will not be moving forward together. Transit X is using technology to transform mass transit and the company is looking to use Henry County for its first major pilot site. The company is considering a route that starts in downtown... Continue Reading →

ATL Authority Town Hall

  A town hall meeting has been scheduled to discuss recently passed legislation, HB-930, regarding the new Atlanta-region Transit Link Authority (ATL). The town hall will be held on Thursday, May 24 from 7:30 to 9 p.m. at the Henry County Administration Building, immediately following a called meeting scheduled for 6 p.m. The purpose of... Continue Reading →

Henry County Transit expands Fairview Shuttle

The Fairview shuttle has expanded to provide connections with MARTA bus routes and Xpress commuter service. The new route provides more stops than the original route and should be more efficient given its loop-format. The new route provides service on State Route 138, State Route 155, and Fairview Road. Portions of Bouldercrest Road, Anvil Block... Continue Reading →

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