Residents discuss growth options for Singley Drive in Locust Grove

Photo of residents having a discussion about the Singley Drive property in Locust Grove (Clayton Carte photo)

What began as a scheduled public hearing to discuss an annexation request in Locust Grove resulted in a two-hour long discussion between residents and the property owner about future growth options along Singley Drive. The property in question consists of 254 acres near Locust Grove High School.

The property owner is seeking annexation into Locust Grove city limits because of city sewer availability. The city council expects to vote on March 7 whether to annex the property. If they annex the land, then the property owner must wait at least one year before submitting a subsequent rezoning request.

The property is shown outlined in light blue. (Henry County photo)

Singley Drive growth options

The property owner, Mr. Black of MBT Investments LLC, presented the city with two scenarios in which the property could develop:

  1. If the city annexes the property thus allowing sewer service, then the owner envisions developing about 250 homes on the property. The minimum lot size, subject to a future rezoning request, would be one half-acre. He presently is considering large homes between 4,000–4,500 square feet with an estimated sale price of $500–$600k.
  2. If the property remains in unincorporated Henry County thus requiring septic tanks, then the owner stated one-acre lots would yield about 150 homes. The applicant stated these homes would be smaller and sell around $300k because of less market demand for large lots.

In either option, the owner committed to working with the nearby residents. During the recent council meeting, he took extensive time to answer their questions. He committed against clear cutting the property. He also proposed a forty-foot undisturbed buffer around the property’s perimeter. Undisturbed wood lines greatly reduce the subdivision’s visibility from adjacent roadways and neighbors.

Site Entrances and Road Improvements

Henry County ordinance requires at least two site entrances for a subdivision with more than fifty lots. The owner proposes the two entrances off South Ola Road and Singley Drive. To minimize having to improve Singley Drive ie pave and widen the road, the second entrance would be as close to South Ola Road as possible. The applicant would then improve Singley Drive between South Ola and their entrance.

The property is bisected by a creek. About half of the homes would be on either side of the creek. To avoid the need for a new creek crossing, a third entrance would be on the east side of the property off Singley Drive. This entrance would lead traffic to Burg Road. Henry County is presently working to pave Burg Road through SPLOST dollars. The applicant would improve Singley Drive between Burg Road and their third entrance.

Finally, the applicant is subdividing several large lots along Singley Drive. There will be between four and seven lots measuring five to seven acres each. The owner shared he recently recorded a plat for four of the lots. These lots will be separate from the future subdivision and similar to existing properties off Singley Drive.

Featured image shows residents and the property owner discussing the Singley Drive property in Locust Grove. Photo credit Clayton Carte.

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