Board approves zoning conditions for Lovejoy townhome community

Site plan for Garden Lakes development (Falcon Design photo)

The board of commissioners approved zoning conditions this week for a large single-family and townhome community near Lovejoy. The zoning approval brings an end to a nearly five-year discussion about the property’s future use and which local government would oversee it.

Henry County objected to three requests since 2017 for the property owner to annex into the city of Lovejoy. Now, the board’s rezoning of the property to RS (residential suburban) keeps the area in unincorporated Henry County.

The property consists of three-hundred acres off highway 81, Lovejoy Road and North Steele Drive. The applicant plans to construct 1,135 housing units over a 10–12 year period.

Lovejoy townhome community

The board of commissioners held a public hearing in January 2022 for the rezoning request. Since then, the applicant and county negotiated zoning conditions for the property. The final approval has forty-one (41) zoning conditions.

The owner / developer intends to construct 1,135 units on the property. This includes 610 single-family homes and 525 townhomes. Zoning conditions require the following of the units:

  • all single-family homes shall be four sides brick.
  • at least 50% of single-family homes shall be at least 2,400 heated square feet. The remaining 50% shall be at least 2,000 heated square feet.
  • all homes shall have a two-car garage. All corner lots shall be side-entry as well as others where feasible.
  • Pods A and B townhomes shall consist of at least 1,800 heated square feet with three sides brick. Pod C townhomes shall consist of at least 2,000 heated square feet, be four sides brick and be three stories.

In addition, other zoning conditions include:

  • each entrance shall have a grand-style monumental entrance, to include illuminated signage and a water feature. Each townhome pod shall have a monumental entrance.
  • the owner / developer shall provide three separate amenity areas within the single-family homes and one amenity area within the townhomes. In total, the amenities include:
    • two pools with a clubhouse,
    • three playgrounds,
    • two dog parks, and
    • two pavilions with a fire pit and grilling area.

Finally, there shall be pocket parks throughout the development. A mandatory HOA shall maintain the amenities and monument-based entrances.

Construction Timeframe

The developer can construct no more than 175 units in a 365-day period. If they build less units during the first year, then this balance can carry forward in one-year increments up to 12 years from the date of zoning approval.

Planning staff shall evaluate the progress of the development after twelve years. They can extend the build-out timeframe up to five years based on the builder’s progress at the time. If staff determines the development to be unsuccessful, then the zoning of any unconstructed portion shall expire.

Featured image shows concept site plan for Garden Lakes dated August 2019. Photo credit Falcon Design Consultants.

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