County Transportation Plan schedules town halls, shares online survey

Aerial photo of I-75 in McDonough (photo credit Kenjie Photography)

An update to the Henry County transportation plan is concurrently underway, and planners are looking for resident feedback. The planning team has scheduled two upcoming town halls. In addition, they have an online survey available.

Henry County hired Pond & Company earlier this year to carry out the plan update. The plan update kicked off in May 2021. Staff estimate the plan to be complete during summer 2022.

Plan Update

The local transportation plan identifies transportation needs in Henry County. It then prioritizes the projects over a twenty-year timeframe. The plan provides a guide for staff and elected officials when selecting projects to receive local funds. In addition, inclusion within the plan is a factor in eligibility for federal funds.

Town Halls

The planning team held a virtual town hall in October. Now, they have two in-person town halls during December. Meeting info is as follows:

  • Thursday, December 9, 2021
    Fairview Recreation Center
    35 Austin Road, Stockbridge
  • Monday, December 13, 2021
    Bear Creek Recreation Center
    56 McDonough Street, Hampton

The town hall meetings will allow residents a chance to share their input as well as provide feedback on the planning activities to date. Residents can drop by anytime between 5:30 pm and 7:30 pm.

Online Survey

Finally, the planning team have shared an online survey. It includes six sections. Three of them are previewed below.

Topic Ranking

The survey asks residents to rank the most pressing transportation needs within the county. Specifically, the survey lists the below topics:

  1. Henry County should continue to improve county truck routes, provide access to freight land uses, and support economic development.
  2. Quality of life improvements can be made through transportation improvements.
  3. Henry County should continue to enhance mobility and accessibility for people and goods.
  4. Growth in Henry County reflects the vision of the county and the cities.
  5. Henry County should coordinate the planning and development activities of the county, its cities, the school district, and other organizations.
  6. Henry County should continue to maintain road infrastructure in a state of good repair.
  7. The county should maintain transportation spending at appropriate levels to fund needed system expansion and maintenance.
  8. Henry County should continue to protect and enhance the county’s and cities’ environmental quality.
  9. Henry County must continue to reduce traffic fatalities and injuries on public roads.

Improvement Types

In addition, the survey asks respondents to score potential improvement types. The score ranges from “very important” to “not important at all.” The improvements include the following:

  • Transit options
  • Widen existing roadways
  • Intersection improvements
  • Bicycle & pedestrian improvements
  • New roadways

Plan Goals

A second score asks residents to review planning goals. The score is also on a range of importance. The goals are below:

  • Improve safety for all roadway users
  • Reduce congestion for north-south travel
  • Reduce congestion for east-west travel
  • Provide more options for bicycling and walking
  • Improve the transportation network to better accommodate freight
  • Improve access to and from I-75 and I-675

The survey is available now at the link below:

Featured image shows I-75 near McDonough. Photo used with permission; credit Kenjie Photography.

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