New House & Senate district maps progress through State Capitol

Map of proposed state house districts 2022–2031 (Georgia photo)

Following the 2020 census, state lawmakers are considering new district maps at the state Capitol. The maps must be redrawn every ten years to reflect the population of Georgia.

Lawmakers are presently in a special session to approve the new maps. As of Monday, November 15, both house and senate maps have passed both chambers. Once both chambers pass a map, then it heads to Governor Kemp for his signature. Finally, both chambers will consider the congressional district map before adjourning the special session.

New District Maps

Presently, Henry County shares part of eight (8) house districts and two (2) senate districts. If the most recent proposals pass, then Henry County would have part of seven (7) house districts and three (3) senate districts.

State House maps (Georgia photos)

New House Map

Presently, only one house district is wholly within Henry County. The new map maintains this number, but a majority of several others would be located within the county. The county would contain in whole or in part the following districts:

  • 74
  • 78
  • 91
  • 115
  • 116
  • 117
  • 118
State Senate maps (Georgia photos)

New Senate Map

Presently, Henry County has two state senators: Emanuel Jones and Brian Strickland. They represent districts 10 and 17, respectively. The proposed map would also add a portion of district 25 into southern Henry County. District 25 will be an open race in 2022 when Senator Burt Jones runs for lieutenant governor.

In the proposed map, Stockbridge would remain in district 10. In addition, Hampton would lie within the district. Locust Grove would move to district 25 whereas McDonough would largely be within district 17.

Because state lawmakers serve two-year terms, all districts will be on the ballot in 2022. Present-day lawmakers will continue to represent their current districts through December 2022. More information about redistricting, to include statewide copies of district maps, is available on the state website.

Featured image shows proposed state house districts in Henry County. Photo credit Georgia General Assembly. This article was updated on Monday, November 15, to reflect the latest maps status.

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