Water Authority board approves pay increase

Photo of Henry County Water Authority board members in February 2021 (HCWA photo)
The HCWA Board of Directors includes: (front, left to right) Chair Cletonya LaGrand-Stidom and Vice-Chair Sandra Rozier; and (back, left to right) District III Member Jimmy Carter, Secretary-Treasurer Siddiqa Gibson, and District I Member Warren Holder. February 2021 photo.

The Henry County Water Authority recently held their monthly board meeting. During the June meeting, board members passed via split vote a pay increase.

The pay increase amounts to an extra $250 per month, or $1,125. The board previously received $875 per month. There is no supplement for board officers, such as chair or vice-chair.

Board Pay

The Henry County Water Authority board salary is set by state law at 30% of the county commissioners’ salary. Presently, district commissioners are paid $35,000 annually. Thirty percent is $10,500, or $875 monthly.

The county chair receives $45,000 annually. The water authority board’s new salary equals thirty percent of the chair’s rate. This calculates to $13,500 annually.

Presently, the water authority board consists of five members appointed one each by the district commissioners. Earlier this year, the state approved new legislation providing the county chair an appointment. The chair’s appointment takes effect beginning July 1.

The water authority board voted 3-2 to approve the increase. Board members Cletonya Stidom, Sandra Rozier, and Siddiqa Gibson — representing districts II, IV and V — voted in favor of the increase. Members Warren Holder and Jimmy Carter, representing districts I and III, voted in opposition.

Other County Boards

The Henry County Water Authority is the highest-paid county board. The board of commissioners approved pay raises for several county boards in recent months, but none greater than the water authority.

The development authority — also organized through state legislature similar to the water authority — receives $400 monthly for board members. The board chair receives $600 monthly, followed by $450 for other officers. The BOC approved the present rate in early 2021.

The board of assessors receives $500 monthly. In addition, the chair receives a supplemental fifty dollars.

Other county boards, such as the recreation board and elections board, receive $100–250 monthly. Finally, several boards are comprised of volunteers. This includes the library board and council on aging. A full list is available on the county website under boards & authorities.

Featured image shows Henry County Water Authority board in February 2021. Photo credit HCWA.

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