Locust Grove decides new subdivision, apartments request

Concept layout for Bowden Street subdivision. Photo depicts forty proposed lots. (SPHINX Design Consultants photo)

The Locust Grove city council met on Monday, June 7. During their meeting, the council voted on two rezoning requests. They included a new subdivision off Bowden Street and an apartments request on Marketplace Blvd.

Bowden Street subdivision

The city council approved the rezoning of 17.78 +/- acres off Bowden Street. The request allows a new subdivision with forty lots. The applicant, Sunrise Builders, Inc. of Jonesboro, GA, plans to build homes between 2,400 and 3,000 square feet. They previously built homes within Cottage Grove in the city.

The applicant requested the R-3 zoning district for the land. The subdivision will have min. lot sizes of 12,000 square feet, similar to Cottage Grove. The lots back up to each other, but no access will connect the subdivisions. Nearby, the under-construction homes on South Bethany Road have 18,000 square foot lots.

Marketplace Blvd apartments

The council unanimously denied a multifamily rezoning off Marketplace Blvd. The apartments request proposed 540 units northwest of Walmart. Locust Grove presently has zero apartments, except for two senior living buildings. Developers have expressed interest in bringing the multifamily product to the city.

The city concurrently issued a moratorium on any new multifamily rezoning requests. The six-month stop measure allows staff time to prepare code revisions for multifamily zoning. The revisions will update building standards for any new projects.

The city completed a livable centers initiative (LCI) plan in 2016. At the time, the plan identified the area around I-75 and Bill Gardner Parkway as the gateway district. The city’s comprehensive land use plan includes language supporting apartments up to twenty units per acre within the gateway district. Staff are looking at code revisions to both mirror the comp plan and ensure high construction standards.

The council must approve the revisions before they take effect. The city will hold a public hearing to accept public comment when the draft revisions are ready.

Featured image shows concept layout for Bowden Street subdivision. Photo credit SPHINX Design Consultants of Jonesboro, GA.

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