T-SPLOST could widen these roads

Photo of a four-lane road in Georgia with a custom road sign overlay “Henry County T-SPLOST November 2, 2021” (Georgia DOT photo / Sign Maker by Brendon Strowe)

Henry County and the four cities held a joint meeting on Thursday, April 15. The joint meeting is a pre-requisite when considering a transportation SPLOST program within the county. Henry County staff presented a draft project list during the meeting.

Transportation SPLOST would be a new sales tax in Henry County. The tax amount can be up to one percent, or one penny on every dollar. Presently, the local sales tax rate is 7%. This includes 4% state, 1% county operations, 1% county SPLOST and 1% education SPLOST. Voters are expected to decide T-SPLOST on the November 2021 ballot.

Further revisions are expected to the project list, but here’s the projects being considered right now.

Draft Project List — Major Projects

Bill Gardner Parkway

Henry County recently received federal dollars for scoping work to widen Bill Gardner Parkway between state route 155 and I-75. The possible T-SPLOST program could include $34 million dollars for the project. This would include $17 million each from districts one and two.

The county is asking Locust Grove to contribute $7.48 million towards the project. Interestedly, the city would only receive $7.3 million in collections through a population-based IGA. Any contribution from the city would reduce the county’s share of the cost.

State Route 81

The state route 81 widening project measures three miles between Postmaster Drive and Bethany Road. The project began design work in 2016 and expects to enter right of way acquisition before year end. T-SPLOST potentially includes $28 million to finish the project.

Earlier this year, Henry County was selected to receive $7 million dollars in federal funds towards construction. The funds are in FY 2025, beginning on July 1, 2024. The county is responsible for the remaining $15 million in estimated costs.

The funds would be split between districts one and three. In addition, the county is asking McDonough to contribute $6.02 million.

Jonesboro Road

Widening Jonesboro Road west of I-75 is entirely in district two. County staff is recommending $35 million dollars to widen the roadway between Mill Road and North Mt Carmel Road. Previously, Georgia DOT has worked on the project design.

McDonough Parkway

Constructing the “missing segment” of the McDonough Parkway is on the draft project list. The segment will connect state routes 42 and 155 beside Walnut Creek Elementary. Construction has an estimated cost of $14 million dollars.

SPLOST IV completed design work and right of way acquisition for the project. When complete, the parkway will form a northern bypass around the McDonough Square.

Rock Quarry Road

Widening Rock Quarry Road started design work in 2016. The project is presently buying right of way. T-SPLOST could include funds for construction.

Henry County will receive $7 million in federal funds towards construction in FY 2023. The county is responsible for the remaining $27 million.

T-SPLOST includes $26.7 million on the draft project list. The county is asking Stockbridge to contribute $18.7 million, reducing the county’s cost share, and some funds are available in SPLOST V. The project is in district four.

Fairview Road

SPLOST III widened Fairview Road between Anvil Block and Panola Road. SPLOST V includes funds to widen the road between Panola Road and Hearn Road. Now, T-SPLOST could include funds to widen between Hearn Road and SR 155. The T-SPLOST draft project list includes $12 million dollars towards the last section.

The project would have to start at design work then right of way acquisition. Additional funds (if needed) could be budgeted in future programs. The project is in district five.

Intersection Improvements

In addition to the major projects above, the project list also includes the following intersections:

  • McDonough Parkway at Bridges Road
  • Bill Gardner Parkway at Lester Mill Road
  • East Lake Road at Elliott Road
  • Rex Road at East Atlanta Road
  • Scarborough Road at Panola Road

All projects are tentative and may change.

Featured image shows four-lane road in Georgia with custom road sign overlay. Photo credit Georgia DOT and Sign Maker by Brendon Strowe.

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