BOC approves SPLOST budget amendments

Photo of road maintenance (Georgia DOT photo)

Henry County commissioners approved various SPLOST budget amendments on February 2. The majority of amendments will increase available funding for road resurfacing.

The funds are expected to be used later this year when Henry County bids out the 2021 road resurfacing package. Commissioners adopted the county’s application for LMIG dollars in January. The LMIG funds will also contribute to the cost of resurfacing projects.

On average, resurfacing a two-lane road costs between $250,000–$300,000 per mile. LMIG and SPLOST represent the county’s primary funding sources for the maintenance work.

SPLOST Amendments

The board considered the various budget amendments as part of the meeting consent agenda. The items passed without discussion.

The amendments generally reallocate any remaining funds from completed projects. They include projects from SPLOST III and SPLOST IV. Tax collections for the two programs ran between 2008–2014 and 2014–2020, respectively.


Funds were available from district I projects in SPLOST III. Funds include the following:

  • $200,000 from King Mill at SR 42
  • $85,424 from Frog Road
  • $5,721 from Harris Drive
  • $13,952 from Lester Mill Road
  • $13,824 from New Hope Road
  • $19,353 from South Bethany Road
  • ($1,075) from Mackey Road

$1,075 was applied to the Mackey Road account from New Hope Road. The board reallocated the remaining balance of $337,199 to district I resurfacing.

In commission district III, a total of $54,457 was available from SPLOST III. Projects include:

  • $14,341 from East Lake Road phase II
  • $40,116 from Lake Dow at SR 81

The funding was reallocated to district III resurfacing.

SPLOST III (cont.)

In a second package of budget amendments, the board adopted further reallocations to SPLOST III. $484,410 of unallocated funds was available to distribute equally among the five commission districts.

Districts I, II and III will each receive $96,882 in their respective resurfacing accounts.

District IV receives $95,860. A difference of $1,022 was subtracted to cover the overage on East Lake at Union Grove Schools.

District V receives $91,314. An overage from the Fairview Road widening valued at $5,568 was deducted from the district share.


Finally, amendments to the SPLOST IV program will zero-out the accounts for many projects.

In countywide projects, amendments included following projects:

  • $140,152 from 911 Radio replacement
  • $311 from Animal Control renovations
  • $16,927 from Fire Stations capital equipment
  • $18,934 from Fire Station 14
  • $47,499 from Fire Station 15
  • ($282) from Fire Station 16
  • $37,754 from HCDOT equipment
  • $135 from jail renovations
  • $23,619 from Police patrol vehicles

The county applied $282 from Fire Stations capital equipment to station 16 to cover the overage. The remaining balance of $285,049 was applied to ambulances. Henry County most recently ordered five new ambulances in April 2020.

The remaining amendments were applied to the resurfacing account in each respective district.

District I
  • $13,357 from South Bethany at Old Jackson
  • $129,300 from Lester Mill Road
  • Total: $142,657
District II
  • $295,124 from SR 155
  • $201,208 from Jodeco Road at Blackhall Road
  • $56,932 from Simpson Mill at Hampton-Locust Grove Road
  • $43,331 from Amah Lee Road
  • $53,904 from South Cleveland Road
  • $82,886 from Thoroughbred Drive
  • Total: $733,385
District III
  • $10,000 from Brannan Road at Campground Road
  • $90,739 from Campground Road at SR 155
  • $39,121 from Turner Church Road
  • $1,220,479 from McDonough Parkway
  • $241,902 from Elliott Road over Walnut Creek tributary
  • $538,390 from Jackson Lake Road over Mackey Creek
  • $323,720 from Oak Grove Road over Walnut Creek
  • Total: $2,464,351
District V
  • $550,775 from Anvil Block Road widening
  • $35,247 from East Atlanta at Thurman and Flat Rock
  • Total: $586,022

District IV was omitted because its available funds were previously reallocated to JP Moseley Park. $1.73 million is available for park improvements based on the January 15, 2021 SPLOST budget report.

Credit for the featured image to Georgia DOT.

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