GDOT announces SR 20 R-CUT

Photo of R-Cut intersection (Georgia DOT photo)

Georgia DOT announced on January 20 that a new Restricted Crossing U-turn (R-CUT) will be soon installed on state route 20. The improvement is planned at the intersection of SR 20 and New Morn Drive between Hampton and McDonough.

Restricted Crossing U-turn’s prevent side-street traffic from turning left or traveling straight across a divided highway. This improves safety by reducing the number of conflict points and lowering the chance of a high-speed crash. All motorists from the side street are directed to turn right. They have the downstream option to U-turn to either return the other direction (like turning left) or continue on the side street (as if going straight).

For example, the state has several existing R-CUTs along state route 20. The first R-CUT was placed at Simpson Mill / Oakland Road, followed by Westridge Industrial and later Rocky Creek Road. Angle crashes dropped 73% in the five years since GDOT installed the design at Simpson Mill / Oakland Road.

Nationally, R-CUT intersections reduce severe crashes by 47% and minor crashes by 69%. At the intersection of SR 20 and New Morn Drive, twelve angle crashes have been reported over a five-year period. GDOT aims to reduce this crash pattern by implementing the safety feature.

Construction is tentatively scheduled to begin in spring 2021. Work also includes an additional U-turn west of New Morn Drive to compliment the R-CUT.

Project costs total $230,000. The state has programmed two project numbers for the work: S015473 for the R-CUT and S015474 for the new U-turn.

Credit for the featured image to Georgia DOT.

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