E-SPLOST VI: transportation & admin office

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Henry County voters will consider the renewal of education SPLOST in March 2021. District staff presented the proposed projects on December 14. Board members must approve the E-SPLOST VI project list in January.

Education SPLOST is a one-cent sales tax collected in Henry County. Collections fund capital projects within the school system. Voters last approved the program in March 2016.

The E-SPLOST VI program includes transportation investments, such as new school buses, and an expansion of the district’s main administrative office.


In summer 2019, Henry County Schools introduced twenty-three propane-powered school buses to the county’s fleet. Since then, the district bought another four buses in October 2019 and six buses in December 2019.

In an interview with the Henry Herald in 2019, Transportation Director Cliff Shearouse said the district’s goal is to convert its fleet to propane over the next eight to ten years. The district fleet consists of roughly 350 buses.

If E-SPLOST VI passes, then the district’s plan will see a dedicated funding source for 125 new buses. E-SPLOST VI includes purchasing 25 new buses per year from 2021 to 2025. Each bus costs $102,500.00.

In addition to new buses, the district will build a second bus maintenance facility. The district owns eleven acres off state route 81 behind Oakland Elementary where the garage can build. Plans include eight maintenance bays, administrative space, and refueling bays. When complete, the existing bus barn will see renovations. The district will have a total of sixteen maintenance bays when both projects finish.

The new bus facility would start work in 2022. The overall project at both sites should last three years finishing in summer 2025.

Administrative Office Expansion

The district office in McDonough was converted into office space in 2003 and last expanded in 2009. Plans call for additional office space and renovations to the existing building.

At this time, there are 160 district office staff working in classrooms, 14 staff in residential houses, and 49 staff in trailers. The expansion allows the district to locate staff back to the main office and reopen classrooms for their original intent.

The admin office project starts in 2022 with a two-year timeframe.

Other Projects

Finally, E-SPLOST VI includes smaller other projects. The projects include elementary school playground enhancements and classroom instructional resources. Fine Arts, Health / PE, and CTAE funding includes instrument replacements, new gym and weight room equipment, and updated lab equipment.

There are also funds towards energy management improvements at fifteen schools and land purchases for future schools.

Check out our school expansion and technology articles for a complete look at the education SPLOST VI project list. Moving Henry Forward will continue to share updates about education SPLOST VI up to and through Election Day. Consider following the site on social media for the latest news.

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