New wayfinding signage planned in Stockbridge

Photos of Stockbridge wayfinding signage (Stockbridge photos)

The Stockbridge city council approved plans for new wayfinding signage within the city at its September 29 meeting. The new signage will welcome motorists to the city and help direct them to major locations such as the Merle Manders Conference Center and new amphitheater.

The council approved the signage plan, developed by Falcon Design Consultants, LLC, with the directive given to staff to prioritize the installation of signs in locations that will lead to the new amphitheater before its expected opening in spring 2021.

(Stockbridge photos)

Falcon Design prepared several options for the council to choose from, with the preferred designs featuring monument-based brick installations. The wayfinding program includes a large gateway sign, wayfinding signs for motorists, and pedestrian street signage. An alternate design of the wayfinding sign (not pictured) was also selected for use where breakaway poles will be required within roadway right of way.

Large 10’ wide x 9’ tall signage will be installed at major gateways into the city to welcome motorists (see photo left). Some planned locations include on state routes 42 and 138, Hudson Bridge Road and East Lake Parkway, and the intersection of SR 42 at Campground Road.

The second sign to provide motorists with navigational arrows measures 9’ tall and 5’-8” wide at its base (see photo right). The column or text area measures 3’-6” in width at its top. Locations for the wayfinding signs include Eagles Landing Parkway at Rock Quarry Road, interstate exits, and major intersections throughout the city.

Finally, the pedestrian street signs will appear within the downtown area (see photo insert). The street posts measure 7’-6” in height with a two-foot arm. Custom road signs will allow for custom color schemes like blue for public parking or brown for city-owned buildings and facilities.

The program’s estimated cost for installation is $200,000-$250,000.

Capital Projects updates

The Stockbridge city council heard updates on several capital projects planned within the city during their September budget retreat, including the under-construction amphitheater.

The amphitheater is on schedule to be completed in the spring, with parking and landscaping to follow. The projected total cost for the project is $16.6 million, from which at least $5 million will be bonded by the city to complete it.

Plans for the amphitheater parking lot include 395 spaces located north of city hall and built alongside East Atlanta Road. The parking lot’s main entrance will form a fourth leg to the existing East Atlanta Road & Love Street intersection. Two other entrances will be constructed off the new connector road along the north side of the amphitheater.

Road improvements planned around city hall and the amphitheater include adding a left-hand turn lane from East Atlanta Road to SR 138 and re-aligning the intersection of South and North Lee Street at SR 138. Construction plans for the improvements are in review by Georgia DOT and can proceed forward after the state’s approval.

East Atlanta Road will be widened to three lanes between Love Street and North Henry Blvd. The center lane will provide a northbound left-hand turn lane onto Love Street before transitioning to a southbound left-hand turn lane onto North Henry Blvd in front of city hall. A third lane will also be added to North Lee Street between SR 138 and the new amphitheater connector road / Ceresa Drive.

Following the amphitheater’s completion, the next major projects on the horizon for Stockbridge include the cultural arts center off Burke Street and youth & senior center planned at the intersection of Tye Street and 2nd Street.

The 42,000 square foot cultural arts center includes plans for a 320-seat theatre, 100+ person ballroom, office space, classroom, and building services space with 244 parking spaces. Road access would be provided from both Burke Street and North Henry Blvd / SR 138. The projected build cost is $17.8 million.

The 40,366 sq ft youth & senior center would include a gymnasium, bleacher capacity up to 400 individuals, locker rooms, office space, and concession area. There are four dividable classrooms that can hold 25 people each or form two larger classrooms for 50 people each. The parking lot has ninety-two (92) spaces. The project’s estimated cost is between $10–$20 million; however, that number is expected to increase after additional features requested by the council are included. The features include an indoor lap pool, indoor walking track and fitness room, and increasing the building size to two stories.

The city has allocated $9,852,437 of its future SPLOST V collections towards civic projects to include the cultural arts center and youth & senior center. The council discussed at its September budget retreat bonding up to $15 million dollars — not counting the $5 million previously mentioned for the amphitheater — towards the build costs of the projects.

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