Design bid award for Racetrack at Iris Lake

Aerial photo of Racetrack Road at Iris Lake Road (staff photo)

Henry County commissioners awarded a design contract on October 20 for intersection improvements at Racetrack Road and Iris Lake Road in McDonough. The project is jointly funded by districts I and III, with a later contribution expected by the city.

The design contract was awarded to American Engineers, Inc. of Acworth, GA for up to $102,000. American Engineers submitted the lowest bid of seven vendors from the county’s short-listed pre-qualified engineering firms for SPLOST V projects.

(staff photo)

A traffic study will determine whether a traffic signal or roundabout is the preferred improvement. The design contract also covers concept development, environmental documents, preliminary and final plans, and right of way plans.

The intersection improvement had an original estimated cost of $2,312,453.44; however, county SPLOST V funds budgeted for the project were cut to $400,000 after commissioners opted not to enter into an intergovernmental agreement with the cities reducing the total budget. Additional funding will be required before the project can be constructed.

This year, McDonough included resurfacing the city’s maintained portion of Racetrack Road within their LMIG program. The project extended between Old Griffin Street and the Salvation Army. Resurfacing the county’s maintained portion of Racetrack Road is not currently scheduled.

Intersection Projects in Districts I & III

Commission district I budgeted $450,000 for intersection improvements and district III budgeted $6,609,835, or 34% of its district budget, for intersection projects in SPLOST V.

In addition to Racetrack at Iris Lake, district I included funds for Bill Gardner Parkway at Lester Mill Road. The board approved a design contract for the Locust Grove intersection earlier this month.

District III budgeted $2,065,000 each for two intersections: Bridges Road at Willow Lane and state route 20 at Turner Church Road. Design bids for both intersections have been awarded.

The district also budgeted $1,279,835 for East Lake at Airline Road. The project is cost-shared with district IV. The funds should allow for construction to proceed forward within SPLOST V on the three intersection improvements.

In addition to the projects referenced above, district III budgeted between $125,000 (for cost-shared projects) and $250,000 for each of the intersections listed below. The funds should cover design and some right of way acquisition.

  • East Lake Road at Elliott Road
  • East Lake Road at Rowan Drive
  • Racetrack Road at Iris Lake Road
  • North Ola Road at Snapping Shoals Road
  • State Route 81 at Upchurch Road
  • Airline Road at McGarity Road
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