Solar lights to be installed in McDonough

Photo of McDonough staff installing a solar powered light outside McDonough Fire Station 51 (city photo)

The McDonough city council approved a plan on Monday night to install solar lights within the city. City administrator Preston Dorsey stated his goal is for all of the lights to be installed within one year.

The council approved the purchase of 47 lights in March at a cost of $296,265. The lights were delivered in June.

(McDonough photo)

The council approved a price quote for lights installation at $56,400. Installation is funded through 33% general fund, 33% impact fees, and 34% SPLOST IV.

In addition to approving installation of the lights, the council supported a revised plan on where to install them. Dorsey’s plan covers 33 lights leaving sixteen for additional locations:

  • Alexander Park West (Jonesboro Road) – 12-15 lights
  • Alexander Park East (SR 42) – 5 lights
  • Avalon Park (Industrial Pkwy) – 5 lights
  • Rufus L. Stewart Park (300 Simpson Street) – 1 light
  • Boots Welch Precinct (342 Simpson Street) – 1 light
  • Big Spring Park (Veterans Drive) – 1 light
  • Jonesboro Road Park – 6 lights

Solar lights were previously planned on South Point Blvd, at McDonough Municipal Court, and in the parking lot expansion at Avalon Park. The locations were removed for solar lights based on the presence of existing lights.

Staff estimated sixteen lights supplied by the power company could complete the parking lot lighting at Avalon Park and maintain a consistent look with existing lights. The five solar lights would be installed within the park area.

The council also considered and approved moving forward with an RFP (request for proposals) for the city’s proposed solar panel farm off Turner Church Road. Council member Roger Pruitt voted against the motion repeating previous comments about bad personal experiences involving solar lights and concerns about using tax dollars for the endeavor.

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