Henry County receives additional $3.24 million in federal transportation funds

Aerial photo of I-75 exit 212 / Bill Gardner Parkway (staff photo)

Henry County has been awarded an additional $3.24 million in federal transportation funds for the immediate fiscal year, FY 2021, following the adoption of TIP Amendment 1 by the Atlanta Regional Commission. The funding includes two projects that the county applied for federal assistance in October 2019.

The amendment included recommendations from the 2019 Transportation Improvement Program (TIP) project solicitation for FY 2021 only. Project recommendations for later fiscal years, and the possibility of receiving more funding for Henry County transportation projects, are expected next year.

I-75 exit 212 / Bill Gardner Parkway aerial photo
Scoping funds will advance plans to widen Bill Gardner Parkway west of Locust Grove. (staff photo)

Bill Gardner Parkway widening

Henry County was awarded $1 million dollars towards scoping activities to widen Bill Gardner Parkway. The project limits extend between state route 155 and I-75 for a distance of 3.4 miles.

Scoping includes developing a concept report that describes a recommended project “footprint” following analysis about the proposed project. From the Georgia DOT guide to plan development process, “analyses may include, but [is] not limited to: traffic and operational studies, accident analysis, determination of project deficiencies, planning requirements, environmental studies, study of alternatives, consideration of MS4, permit requirements, social and economic considerations, utility considerations, right-of-way impacts, etc.”

The federal funds require a local match of $250,000. Henry County commissioners voted to reserve local funds in the county’s fund balance when submitting the application for federal dollars.

The selection of scoping funds for the Bill Gardner Parkway project increases its chance of receiving additional funds in future years. An estimated timeline for later phases is not presently available.

Jonesboro Road resurfacing

The second project consists of resurfacing Jonesboro Road between the Clayton County line and Mt Olive Road. Total costs are estimated at $2.8 million.

Federal funds will provide $2.24 million for the project. The required local match equals $560,000.

Henry County applied for the resurfacing funds in a joint effort with Clayton and Fayette Counties to resurface the entirety of Jonesboro Road / McDonough Road from I-75 to SR 54. State funds to widen the corridor to four lanes are budgeted in the 2030s.

Please visit our GDOT projects schedule for more information about federal and state-funded transportation projects in Henry County. An update to the timeline will be provided in the coming weeks to reflect the most recent information available.

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