SPLOST projects accepting bids and proposals

April 2020 photo of site demolition at Fairview Public Safety Complex (Mark B. photo)
Site demolition started this year for the future Fairview public safety campus. (special photo)

Despite the ongoing pandemic and questions about reduced sales tax collections, several SPLOST projects are continuing to advance. Henry County’s purchasing department has three projects posted for June or July closing dates and accepted submissions in May for two requests for proposals (RFP).

The county commissioners have a called workshop on Wednesday, June 10, at 9 am to discuss capital projects, the SPLOST IV and SPLOST V programs, and bonding funds for transportation projects. Expect the projects mentioned below to be part of the discussion.

Fairview Police Precinct and Fire Station 6

On Friday, June 5, the county posted a RFP for a design-build contract for the Fairview police precinct and rebuild of fire station 6. The police precinct was first included in SPLOST IV, and — combined with the new fire station — is slated to receive an additional $6 million in SPLOST V.

According to the RFP documents, the police precinct will be a one-story 2,750 square feet building. Planned features include a lobby and conference / interview room, a rear office area with two 150 sq ft offices, break room / kitchenette, janitorial room, IT / mechanical room, and restrooms. The remaining space would be open for cubicles.

Thirty parking spaces are planned outside.

The adjacent fire station will be modeled after fire station 8 on Jodeco Road. The 9,000 square foot building will replace the existing station 6 built in 1989.

Submissions are due to Henry County on July 8, 2020, at 3 pm. Afterwards, staff will score the proposals and recommend to the board who to award the contract.

Widening of West Village Parkway

Another project in the Fairview area is the widening of West Village Parkway from Fairview Road to the Clayton County line. This project, also started in SPLOST IV, has a combined budget of $9.89 million in the two SPLOST programs.

Bids for this project are due to Henry County on June 30, 2020, at 3 pm. The selected contractor will be provided 720 days to complete the project.

Dirt Road Paving of Peeksville Road

The next project out for bid is in commission district I and funded by SPLOST IV. Dirt road paving Peeksville Road extends from New Hope Road to the Tussahaw Reservoir for a distance of 0.83 miles.

The contract length for paving Peeksville Road is 300 days. Bids are due on June 30, 2020, at 3 pm.

Aquatic Center project management

In May, Henry County accepted proposals to provide project management services for the upcoming aquatic center project. A separate design-build contract would follow at a later date. We published a detailed look at the requirements for the project consultant here.

Now that proposals have been submitted, county staff will evaluate the submissions and score them. A recommended contract will be presented to the board of commissioners for consideration in a couple months.

Engineering Design Services for Transportation Projects

Finally, the county has also accepted proposals to pre-qualify select engineering firms to provide design services on transportation projects. This process allows the county to identify qualified firms in advance of future SPLOST V projects and select the lowest bidder from the pre-qualified firms for each project.

The proposal is broken into two categories: intersection improvement projects and dirt road paving projects. Engineering firms will be selected in each area based on their experience and skill set.

Like the request for an aquatic center consultant, the submissions will be evaluated by county staff before coming to the board with a recommendation.

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