Final SPLOST IV receipts available

Photo of a 2020 calendar showing the start of SPLOST V (staff photo)
SPLOST IV ended collections on March 31, 2020. (staff photo)

Henry County voters approved SPLOST IV in November 2013. The program collected a one-cent local sales tax from April 1, 2014 through March 31, 2020.

Henry County and the four cities agreed to split SPLOST IV collections 75% to the county and 25% to the cities. Because the county and four cities entered into an intergovernmental agreement, state law allowed the program to continue collecting funds for the full six years.

Though SPLOST IV ended as a global pandemic forced many consumers to reduce spending and businesses to temporarily close, the overall program met its estimated collections thanks to a healthy economy for much of its duration. Using tax receipts available from the Georgia Department of Revenue, Moving Henry Forward calculates that Henry County’s share of SPLOST IV equals $161,928,018.45.

Now, commissioners must approve a plan for which projects will receive the difference in collections between the original estimated budget of $142.5 million and the final amount. Under state law, the funds must be used to complete projects in the SPLOST IV program.

Seventy-five percent of SPLOST IV projects have been completed. Here are some projects that are in progress:

Countywide Projects
  • Airport FBO (terminal building) – design complete; remaining funds $821,956.
  • New Interchange on I-75 south of SR 155 – Interchange Justification Report approved by FHWA; remaining funds $5,261,327.
  • North Henry Police Station – site demolition in progress; remaining funds $746,799. Budgeted in SPLOST V
District I
  • McDonough Parkway (southwest) – project under construction; remaining funds $478,130. Budgeted in SPLOST V
  • Peeksville Road dirt road paving (New Hope to reservoir) – right of way acquisition complete; remaining funds $223,385.
District II
  • Mill at Mt. Carmel intersection improvement – design in progress; remaining funds $1,028,500.
District III
  • McDonough Parkway (north) – right of way acquisition complete; remaining funds $1,157,769. Budgeted in SPLOST V
District IV
  • Moseley Park capital improvements – remaining funds $385,124. Budgeted in SPLOST V
District V
  • West Village Parkway widening – right of way acquisition complete; remaining funds $2,533,219. Budgeted in SPLOST V

In addition to the projects mentioned above, each district has a road resurfacing account where funds may be applied. All budgetary figures are as of April 17, 2020.

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