BOC tables plan to install street lighting on Jonesboro Road

Photo along Jonesboro Road at McCullough Road in 2017 (Henry County photo)

On Tuesday, April 7, county commissioners considered a proposal to install street lighting on Jonesboro Road between I-75 and the Clayton County line. The project had been requested by Commissioner Dee Clemmons and in planning stages for approximately two years.

The project, if approved, would install approximately 140 lights along Jonesboro Road at a cost of $8,000 per month, or $96,000 per year, in utility bills. There would be no upfront cost to the county for their installation.

Commissioners tabled the project by a 6-0 vote. Commissioners Wilson and Barham cited the need for street lighting throughout the county and concerns about the reoccurring cost for the lights. Commissioner Thomas added there are roads in district IV, like Campground Road, that need street lighting.

Commissioner Clemmons described the project as a safety need and referenced a March 2020 presentation by county staff stating the intersection of Jonesboro Road and Mill Road was among the county’s top five crash locations in 2019 with fifty-three collisions. The other four locations were at interstate exits.

BOC denies request for district V sidewalks

The board of commissioners also considered a request to commit two million dollars from the county’s fund balance to sidewalks in commission district V. The item was requested by Commissioner Holmes.

A motion to approve the request by Commissioner Holmes failed for lack of a second. A motion to table the request by Commissioner Clemmons seconded by Commissioner Thomas failed in a 3-3 vote (Chair Wood, Commissioners Clemmons and Thomas in favor; Commissioners Wilson, Barham, and Holmes opposed).

The board’s decision closely resembles a similar agenda item considered by the board three years ago in February 2017. At that time, Commissioner Holmes requested to transfer two million dollars in SPLOST IV funds from the north Henry police station to Village Park at North Henry. The funds would have been used to construct sidewalks on Fairview Road between the park and the DeKalb County line. Commissioners voted 3-3 and denied the request (Commissioners Clemmons, Prince, and Holmes in favor; Chair Wood, Commissioners Wilson and Barham in opposition).

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