Five roundabouts planned along SR 42 in Butts County

Concept layout for SR 42 roundabout at SR 16 W in Jackson (Georgia DOT photo)

Travels Tuesday is a weekly feature for transportation projects planned throughout the state. Today’s article looks at five roundabouts planned along state route 42 in Butts County.

SR 42 at SR 16 / West 3rd Street

The first project, pictured above, will construct a large mini-roundabout at SR 42 and SR 16 on the west end of Jackson. Construction is scheduled to let for construction in August 2021.

The project is planning a 100’ inscribed circle diameter roundabout. A larger 120’ circle diameter was considered; however, the design encouraged too high of entry speeds from the west of town and greater deflection on approach was needed to slow down motorists. By reducing travel speeds within the intersection, the installation of a roundabout results in fewer crashes and lower intensity crashes when they do occur.

Total project costs are estimated at $1.6 million.

SR 42 at SR 16 / East 3rd Street

On the east side of town, another roundabout is planned at SR 42 and SR 16 / East 3rd Street. This project will be a conventional roundabout with a 138’ inscribed circle diameter.

Construction is scheduled to let in July 2022. Total costs are estimated at $2.95 million.

SR 42 at Burg Road / England Chapel

In Jenkinsburg, the existing all-way stop at SR 42 and Burg Road / England Chapel will be replaced with a roundabout in summer 2022. The project will cost $3.5 million.

Other Locations

Two other roundabouts are programmed along SR 42. Project concept reports are not yet published for these projects, so less information is available about them.

  • SR 42 at Old Bethel Road – Construction letting August 2022
  • SR 42 at US 23 / SR 87 – Construction letting April 2021
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