Board hears presentation from new Transportation Planning Director

Photo of trucks on I-75 at I-675 during express lanes construction ( photo/ Brian Hadden)

Sam Baker, Henry County’s new Transportation Planning Director, presented transportation proposals to the Board of Commissioners at the February 4 commissioners meeting.

Baker’s proposals included updating the 2016 Comprehensive Transportation and Transit Plans, developing a county trail plan and sharing alternate commute options for the board to consider.

Baker said that funding is available from the ARC for the updated transportation plan and there is funding available for the proposed transit plan through the Federal Transit Administration, both plans need a 20 percent local match from the county. Baker also requested $150,000 to fund the trails plan.

Commissioners expressed their thoughts on the proposed plans, reminding listeners of the fixed route service for residents commuting around North Henry, the various park and ride lots located throughout the county, and the need to implement a pedestrian plan that includes sidewalks, street lighting, bridges and cross walks.

“One of the things we will be discussing with our GRTA (Georgia Reginal Transportation Authority) partners when we talk about park and ride lots is figuring out other options, we can provide, for those utilizing park and rides who travel to Atlanta,” said County Manager Cheri Hobson-Matthews. “We talked with Mr. Baker and Tye Salters, our Transit Director, and thought about possibly offering trips to the Hartsfield-Jackson Airport.”

District IV Commissioner Vivian Thomas said she was elated with the progress and believes the steps to alleviate the county’s traffic concerns are being addressed.

“I think we are rising to the occasion; we have Mr. Baker here. He will update our plans and he is looking at all our options,” said Thomas. “We have him as a point person to start developing concepts and schedule meetings with the cities to talk about shared responsibilities. This is a huge step to making sure we address transit here in Henry County.”

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Article photo credit: Brian Hadden

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