McDonough approves purchase of eight new police cars

Photo of McDonough police car at the scene of an accident in August 2017 (staff photo)

McDonough police car in August 2017 (staff photo)

In one of the city’s first purchases that will be credited to SPLOST V, the McDonough council approved the purchase and outfitting of eight new police cars for the city. The new vehicles will be 2020 Chevrolet Tahoe police pursuit vehicles.

The SUVs will be purchased from Brannen Ford Motor Company in Unadilla, Georgia at a cost of $275,200.00. The vehicles are on the lot ready at Brannen Ford / Chevrolet avoiding a four to six month delay if they were ordered.

Outfitting the vehicles with equipment, decals, and window tinting will cost an additional $75,680 for a total investment of $350,880. The city budgeted $750,000 in SPLOST V towards police cars leaving approximately $400k for a future purchase.

Because of the financial structure in SPLOST V and the eighteen month delay before the cities will receive their first share of collections, the police Tahoe’s will be purchased through general fund with the costs reimbursed by SPLOST V later. That reimbursement will be in the 2022 timeframe.

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