McDonough approves Lake Dow at Airline rezoning

The subject property, outlined in blue, was annexed into McDonough in 2003. (Henry County photo)

35.75 acres of land, annexed into the city limits of McDonough in 2003, were rezoned last week along Lake Dow and Airline Roads. The land is located between Bridleridge & Clearwater Pointe subdivisions.

The council voted 5-1 (Vincent opposed; Ben Pruett absent) to rezone the property in an approval that many, including the city, thought was granted sixteen years ago alongside the annexation. Earlier this year, in June, the council approved the preliminary plat shown below based on R-75 / R-85 zoning.

When staff discovered the property had not been rezoned, the city issued a stop work order on the project and initiated a city rezoning request to correct it. The council voted 3-4 in November on a motion to approve the request, taking no formal action, and reconsidered it on their December agenda.

Stapleton Park subdivision will include 76 lots. (applicant photo)

The developer, Blue River Development, is planning 76 lots on the property. The applicant may build lot sizes of 7,500 square feet and 10,000 square feet based on zoning standards in 2003.

The 10,000 square foot lots will be located along the perimeter of the property, with 7,500 square foot lots on interior streets. This layout is a carry over from the Bridleridge / Bridlewood subdivisions located to the south.

Exterior facades included within the June 2019 staff report illustrate home sizes between 2,800 and 3,200 square feet. The builder, Davidson Homes, is based out of Huntsville, AL and was founded in 2009. A quick look at their website suggests this will be one of their first projects within the metro Atlanta area.

Blue River Development is also constructing Barrett Farms approximately 1,500 feet to the west along Lake Dow Road. The city council approved annexation and rezoning to R-75 for the 62.21 acre tract in May.

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