GDOT: Henry County to fund right of way for Western Parallel Connector; Jonesboro Road unchanged.

Western Parallel Connector profile at Jodeco Atlanta South
Western Parallel Connector crosses the Jodeco Atlanta South development (GDOT Photo)

The planned roadway bisects the Jodeco Road development (GDOT photo)

The planned western parallel connector, a new four-lane roadway between Hudson Bridge Road and Jonesboro Road, will depend on Henry County funding right of way acquisition to keep the project on schedule. GDOT will let the project for construction after the county has acquired all necessary parcels.

The project is expected to conclude the design phase in spring 2020 and be ready to start right of way acquisition soon thereafter. The state has construction funding budgeted in FY 2023.

County Chair June Wood, Commissioner Dee Clemmons, and Commissioner Bruce Holmes met with Georgia DOT leadership in September to discuss the I-75 interchange at Bethlehem Road, western parallel connector, and Jonesboro Road widening. A follow-up letter from the state to county leadership was sent in November.

Right of way costs are estimated at $12,046,000. Georgia DOT will reimburse Henry County up to six million.

County commissioners have not discussed how Henry County intends to cover their financial share of the project. SPLOST V funding for transportation projects is not expected to start until fall 2021.

BOC adopted a resolution of support in August.

The board of commissioners adopted a resolution of support for the project in August, “urging immediate funding and commencement of the western parallel connector and of the Jonesboro Road improvement projects.” In that resolution it states “Henry County will endeavor to obtain necessary right-of-way, by donation or otherwise, to assist in the project.”

During discussion about the resolution, the question was raised if there would be any costs incurred to the county. Staff replied the project was “totally funded by GDOT” and it would not cost the county.

No change in the Jonesboro Road schedule

Georgia DOT postponed a project in 2018 to widen Jonesboro Road between I-75 and US 19/41. State funding towards its expansion is budgeted in FY 2035.

The November letter states “GDOT is unable to advance [the] project at this time…Since it is a local road, Henry County should seek other fund sources to advance the project.”

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