Board approves SPLOST IV District IV budget amendments

Photo of Henry County Fire Station 16 in Kelleytown (staff photo)
Remaining funds from Fire Station 16, among other projects, were transferred to JP Moseley Park. (staff photo)

County commissioners approved SPLOST IV budget amendments worth $385,124.00 at this month’s meeting. The funds were sourced from completed projects and transferred to JP Moseley Park.

Funds were transferred from the following projects:

  • $94,169.00 from East Lake Road @ SR 20
  • $131,040.00 from Elliott Road
  • $81,707.00 from Kelleytown Park
  • $69,872.00 from Fire Station 16 in Kelleytown
  • $8,337.00 from Fire Stations Capital Equipment

The amendment passed without discussion among board members. It’s common practice to transfer remaining dollars from completed projects to other SPLOST projects in the same commission district.

To learn more about the SPLOST IV program, approved by voters in 2013, visit our most recent update. For a preview of the upcoming SPLOST V program, approved by voters earlier this month, visit here.