SPLOST V projects: road resurfacing and sidewalks

Photo of GDOT work crew resurfacing a roadway
Photo of GDOT work crew resurfacing a roadway

When Henry County voters head to the polls on November 5, they will be asked to renew the county’s local sales tax for capital projects. The SPLOST V program is estimated to collect $204 million over five years if approved.

Henry County is forecast to receive $155,872,694 in SPLOST V collections. To learn more about how the cities plan to spend their $48.1 million in collections, visit our city projects post.

$8,493,499 is budgeted for road resurfacing, representing 5.5% of the county’s funding. An additional $680,335 is budgeted for sidewalks and paths, representing 0.4% of the county’s funding. Projects include the following:

Road Resurfacing
IRoad Resurfacing$1,635,850
IIRoad Resurfacing$868,779
IIIRoad Resurfacing$3,014,229
IVRoad Resurfacing$1,305,841
VRoad Resurfacing$1,668,800
VSidewalks & Paths$250,000

No funding for sidewalks is included in commission districts I or IV.

The $8.5 million budgeted for resurfacing will resurface approximately twenty-eight miles of roadway at today’s pricing. For reference, Henry County manages 1,221 miles of roadway*.

Henry County receives annual grant funding from Georgia DOT to assist with roadway maintenance. In FY 2020, Henry County will receive $2,369,078.33 from the state*, which requires a thirty percent local match worth $710.723.50 paid for through general funds. In 2019, Henry County was able to resurface twelve miles of roadway through LMIG and SPLOST IV dollars.

Early voting is happening now at five locations throughout the county. For more information about Election Day and what’s on the ballot, visit our Elections web page.

Be sure and visit any of the articles linked below for more details about individual projects proposed in the SPLOST V program:

*Each city in Henry County manages select roadways located within city limits and receives LMIG funding separate from Henry County for maintenance. The FY 2020 LMIG formula amounts are available from Georgia DOT.

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