SPLOST V projects: intersections and dirt roads

Photo of completed roundabout at state route 20 and East Lake Road (Henry Herald photo)

When Henry County voters head to the polls on November 5, they will be asked to renew the county’s local sales tax for capital projects. The SPLOST V program is estimated to collect $204 million over five years if approved.

Henry County is forecast to receive $155,872,694 in SPLOST V collections. To learn more about how the cities plan to spend their $48.1 million in collections, visit our city projects post.

$10,154,670 is budgeted for intersection improvements, representing 6.5% of the county’s funding. An additional $11,694,176 is budgeted for dirt road paving, representing 7.5% of the county’s funding. Projects include the following:

Construction Projects
III / IVEast Lake Road @ Airline RoadAll phases$2,559,670
IIIBridges Road @ Willow LaneAll phases$2,065,000
IIISR 20 @ Turner Church RoadAll phases$2,065,000
IPeeksville Road paving
Old Jackson Road to reservoir
ROW / CST$3,587,676
IBurg Road paving
Peeksville Road to Butts County line
All phases$3,804,000

Key: ROW – Right of Way Acquisition, and CST – Construction.

Design Projects
IBill Gardner Pkwy @ Lester Mill RoadDesign$250,000
I / IIIRacetrack Road @ Iris Lake RoadSee below$400,000
III / IVEast Lake Road @ Elliott RoadDesign$250,000
III / IVEast Lake Road @ Rowan DriveDesign$250,000
IIINorth Ola Road @ Snapping Shoals RdDesign$250,000
IIISR 81 @ Upchurch RoadDesign$250,000
IIIAirline Road @ McGarity RoadDesign$250,000
IEllistown Road paving
Peeskville Road to Moccasin Gap
ISandy Ridge Road paving
Keys Ferry to Stallsworth

An additional $1,565,000 is budgeted in commission district II for district wide intersection improvements and $4,017,500 for district wide dirt road paving.

SPLOST V proposes to complete three intersection improvements and design several others. The three intersections fully funded have been frequently requested by residents to see improvement: East Lake Road at Airline Road, SR 20 at Turner Church Road, and Bridges Road at Willow Lane.

Racetrack Road at Iris Lake Road has $400,000 budgeted from Henry County and $800,000 budgeted from the city of McDonough on their respective SPLOST V project lists, totaling $1.2 million. The project had $2.6 million collectively budgeted in preliminary project lists, but cuts were made when the commissioners and cities failed to enter into an intergovernmental agreement. While $1.2 million will cover design and most, if not all, right of way acquisition, construction would depend on additional funding.

There are also several intersections with funding included to start the design process, but not complete right of way acquisition or construction. These projects would depend on funding in a later program to be completed. Intersections include Bill Gardner Parkway at Lester Mill Road, East Lake Road at Elliott Road, East Lake Road at Rowan Drive, North Ola Road at Snapping Shoals Road, SR 81 at Upchurch Road, and Airline Road at McGarity Road.

In dirt road paving, the SPLOST V project list includes funds to complete paving projects on Peeksville Road and Burg Road in Locust Grove. The list also includes funding to design future pavings on Ellistown Road and Sandy Ridge Road.

Early voting is happening now at five locations throughout the county. For more information about Election Day and what’s on the ballot, visit our Elections web page.

Be sure and visit any of the articles linked below for more details about individual projects proposed in the SPLOST V program:

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