SPLOST V projects: public safety and county vehicles

Front elevation for new Henry County Fire Station 8 on Jodeco Road
Front elevation of new Fire Station 8 (county photo)
Architectural styles similar to the under-construction fire station 8 would likely be used in new fire stations. (Henry County photo)

When Henry County voters head to the polls on November 5, they will be asked to renew the county’s local sales tax for capital projects. The SPLOST V program is estimated to collect $204 million over five years if approved.

Henry County is forecast to receive $155,872,694 in SPLOST V collections. To learn more about how the cities plan to spend their $48.1 million in collections, visit our city projects post.

$19,500,000 is budgeted for public safety projects, representing 12.5% of the county’s funding. An additional $14,528,694 is budgeted for a county vehicle fleet replacement program, representing 9.3% of the county’s funding. Projects include the following:

  • Fairview police precinct / fire station 6 rebuild – $6 million
  • Fire Station 5 rebuild – $3 million
  • Fire Station 17 – $3 million
  • Fire Station 18 – $3 million
  • District II police precinct – $1.5 million
  • District III police precinct – $1.5 million
  • District IV police precinct – $1.5 million
  • Fleet replacement program – $14,528,694

The proposed Fairview police precinct and rebuild of fire station 6 will be located at the corner of Fairview Road and Panola Road. Henry County purchased 19.6 acres for the project in October 2018 using SPLOST IV dollars. An additional one million dollars remains in SPLOST IV for use towards the project.

The proposed SPLOST V program also includes funds to rebuild fire station 5 in Hampton and construct two new fire stations. The new stations would be located in the vicinity of SR 81 and Snapping Shoals Road (Ola community) and Jodeco Road at Campground Road extension (Flippen). Exact locations are subject to change based on property acquisition.

Furthermore, three new police precincts are proposed in addition to the Fairview location. These would be located in commission districts II, III, and IV. Exact locations have not been decided.

The proposed SPLOST V program also includes $14.5 million to replace and upgrade county vehicles. The fleet replacement program would be used to benefit all county departments and upgrade the county’s vehicle fleet with new models.

Early voting is happening now at five locations throughout the county. For more information about Election Day and what’s on the ballot, visit our Elections web page.

Be sure and visit any of the articles linked below for more details about individual projects proposed in the SPLOST V program:

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