Hampton city council to consider two-thousand acre annexation

Map of proposed annexation in Hampton

The Hampton city council passed the first read towards annexing nearly two-thousand undeveloped acres on Tuesday, October 8, by a 6-0 vote. The annexation proposes to increase the city’s size by 54%.

A second read of the annexation is expected in November.

Hampton’s present-day city limits primarily cover areas east of US 19 / 41 with limited expansion west of the highway. The applicant’s request for annexation would forever change that and increase the city’s service area. If approved, the annexation would require the future expansion of municipal services like police coverage and water pipes.

The proposed annexation of 1,934.75 +/- acres has been submitted by land owners under the 100% annexation method. The annexation request was submitted on October 1 and Henry County notified on October 4. The ten parcels include the following:

Parcel IDOwnerAcreage
004-01008000THLJ Investments LLLP, Atlanta, GA177.49
005-01006001THLJ Investments LLLP, Atlanta, GA1080.1
009-01015001THLJ Investments LLLP, Atlanta, GA11.4
009-01021000THLJ Investments LLLP, Atlanta, GA33.47
009-01022000THLJ Investments LLLP, Atlanta, GA54.81
010-01026000THLJ Investments LLLP, Atlanta, GA332.87
010-01015002Four Site Holdings LLLP, Atlanta, GA38.32
004-01007000THLJ Investments LLLP, Atlanta, GA61.96
005-01008000AMLFH #2 LLLP, Atlanta, GA108.33
005-01009000AMLFH #2 LLLP, Atlanta, GA36

The majority owner, THLJ Investments LLLP, was registered with the Georgia Secretary of State in 1997. Their parcels have been owned by the company since that time.

The properties are zoned RA (residential agricultural) in unincorporated Henry County. The properties would maintain RA zoning if annexed into Hampton, and the land owners could submit a rezoning request one year after being annexed if they have goals to develop the property.

The properties are included within the Henry County Megasite. The goal of the megasite is to encourage high quality future development anchored by either advanced manufacturing or corporate office space. One of the themes of the megasite include preventing traditional warehouses and distribution centers. Earlier this year, Henry County approved hiring Tunnell-Spangler & Associates, Inc. for $252,000 to master plan the area and provide recommendations on how best to achieve the county’s development goals.

If the properties are annexed into the city of Hampton, they would no longer be conditioned to Henry County’s zoning code and any future county policies that may be adopted through the megasite master plan. Any county-adopted restriction against warehouses would not apply to this property if annexed into Hampton.

Since the applicant’s request is for annexation only and not a change in zoning, no public hearing is required. Residents with questions or concerns are encouraged to contact city council members directly.

This article was originally published on October 5. It’s been updated following the Hampton council meeting on October 8.


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  1. Considering how this City Council has pushed through similar action in the past it’s probably a done deal; only question is whether the vote is 4-2 or 3-3 with Mayor making it 4-3.


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