Hampton city council approves nearly two-thousand acre annexation

Map of proposed annexation in Hampton

The Hampton city council annexed nearly two-thousand undeveloped acres into the city this month after passing the first read on October 8 and second read on October 15 for the properties. The annexation increases the city’s land area by 54%.

The annexation expands Hampton’s city limits in a historic direction, now including large portions of land south of Atlanta Motor Speedway. Hampton’s city limits prior to the vote primarily covered areas east of US 19 / 41 largely centered around the historic downtown district and train depot.

The annexation of 1,934.75 +/- acres was submitted by land owners under the 100% annexation method. The annexation request was submitted on October 1 and Henry County notified on October 4. The ten parcels include the following:

Parcel IDOwnerAcreage
004-01008000THLJ Investments LLLP, Atlanta, GA177.49
005-01006001THLJ Investments LLLP, Atlanta, GA1080.1
009-01015001THLJ Investments LLLP, Atlanta, GA11.4
009-01021000THLJ Investments LLLP, Atlanta, GA33.47
009-01022000THLJ Investments LLLP, Atlanta, GA54.81
010-01026000THLJ Investments LLLP, Atlanta, GA332.87
010-01015002Four Site Holdings LLLP, Atlanta, GA38.32
004-01007000THLJ Investments LLLP, Atlanta, GA61.96
005-01008000AMLFH #2 LLLP, Atlanta, GA108.33
005-01009000AMLFH #2 LLLP, Atlanta, GA36

The majority owner, THLJ Investments LLLP, was registered with the Georgia Secretary of State in 1997. Their parcels have been owned by the company since that time.

The properties were zoned RA (residential agricultural) in unincorporated Henry County. The properties will maintain RA zoning in Hampton, but the land owners may submit a rezoning request in one year if they have goals to develop the property.

This article was originally published on October 5. It’s been updated following Hampton city council meetings on October 8 and October 15.

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  1. Considering how this City Council has pushed through similar action in the past it’s probably a done deal; only question is whether the vote is 4-2 or 3-3 with Mayor making it 4-3.

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