Daunte Gibbs moves from Henry County P&Z to Locust Grove

Photo of Daunte Gibbs at Atlanta Speedway Airport in February 2019 (AJC photo/ Emily Haney)
Daunte Gibbs pictured in February 2019 (AJC photo/ Emily Haney)

Henry County Director of Planning and Economic Development Daunte’ Gibbs started a new position last week as community development director in Locust Grove. Daunte worked over five years for the county starting in March 2014.

In his new position, Daunte will oversee planning & zoning, building permits, business licenses, and code enforcement in Locust Grove. A native of Huntsville, Alabama, he graduated from Alabama A&M University with a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Science in May 2002 and the University of Georgia with his Master of Science in Environmental Health in May 2004.

Daunte lives in McDonough with his wife and two children.

Bert Foster moves to Assistant City Manager

Long-time Locust Grove Community Development Director Bert Foster has been promoted to assistant city manager. Locust Grove becomes the second city in Henry County to employ an assistant city manager.