Trammell Crow Residential proposes project on Jonesboro Road

Site location of TCR Development on Jonesboro Road (special photo)

Trammell Crow Residential, doing business as known subsidiary Maple Multi-Family Land SE, LP, has applied for a rezoning of 42.57 +/- acres from RA (residential agricultural) and R-2 (single-family residential) to MU (mixed use). The project is proposing a mixed use residential, office and commercial development.

The subject property is located at the northwest corner of the intersection of Jonesboro Road and Mt Olive Road. The property does NOT include McDonough Christian Church, but rather wraps around the church’s land.

Concept site plan of TCR Development on Jonesboro Road (applicant photo)
The concept site plan depicts a multifamily apartment complex and office / commercial out parcels. (applicant photo)

The applicant is proposing 321 multifamily units on 26.32 +/- acres. The apartment complex would be developed as a gated community, with at minimum, amenities including a clubhouse and swimming pool, and be accessible off Jonesboro Road. The proposed entrance aligns with Vinings Drive.

The remaining 16.25 +/- acres would be set aside for office and commercial development. The applicant is proposing 10,000 square feet of building space per net acre, totaling 121,000 square feet, within three distinct pods. The largest pod, consisting of six buildable acres and accessible off Mt Olive Road, would be a quality candidate for corporate office space based on its future access along the western parallel connector.

The subject property is designated for mixed use development on Henry County’s future land use map. The proposed uses are supported by the mixed use zoning district and supported by the comprehensive land use plan.

The most common complaint heard when discussing new development is the existing traffic congestion in Henry County; however, state law does not allow local governments to deny a rezoning request over traffic. Zoning conditions recommended by county staff will require the applicant to complete a traffic impact study, be responsible for necessary improvements to Jonesboro Road, and coordinate with Georgia DOT to preserve right of way for future roadway projects along Jonesboro Road and Mt Olive Road.

Henry County planning staff have recommended approval of the request with seven conditions:

  1. A commercial driveway permit shall be submitted through Georgia Permit Application System (GPAS).
  2. A traffic impact study shall be required.
  3. Owner/developer must coordinate with the GDOT Project Manager to reduce conflicts and preserve right-of-way according to the most recent GDOT project design.
  4. Deceleration lane shall be provided for placement along Mount Olive Road at the site’s access point designed and constructed to HCDOT standards.
  5. All out parcels shall be required to get internal access, there shall not be access to Jonesboro Road other than main access point.
  6. An amenity package, which shall include a swimming pool, and club house, shall be provided to residents within the development.
  7. The residential portion of the subject property shall be developed as a gated community. The gate shall be maintained and monitored at the property owner’s expense.

The rezoning request is scheduled before the Henry County zoning advisory board on Thursday, September 12, at 6:30 pm. Meetings are held at the Henry County Administration Building located on Henry Parkway in McDonough. The request will be scheduled before the board of commissioners at a later date.


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