Annexation request on Turner Church Road proposes four hundred homes

Concept site plan for 343 Turner Church Road residential development (applicant photo)

A new annexation and rezoning request for 161 acres has been submitted to the city of McDonough. The property is located at 343 Turner Church Road in the Union Grove area.

The applicant, Suncrest Real Estate & Land of Phoenix, Arizona, is proposing to rezone the property to McDonough’s R-75 (single-family residential) zoning district and take advantage of the city’s Residential Group Project ordinance. RGP allows the developer to decrease their lot size in exchange for providing an engineered site plan and preserving at least twenty percent of open space on the property.

The project is proposing 399 lots, to include the following:

  • 105 lots – 40’ x 120’ (4,800 square feet)
  • 199 lots – 50’ x 120’ (6,000 square feet)
  • 95 lots – 60’ x 120’ (7,200 square feet)

Henry County BOC objects to annexation

The Henry County Board of Commissioners objected to the proposed annexation during their meeting on Thursday, September 5. The objected annexation will now proceed to discussions between county and city staff. Georgia state law prevents the county from outright blocking the annexation, and at most, the commissioners can delay any associated rezoning up to one year. The final decision rests with the McDonough city council.

The project is proposing a gross density of 2.53 units per acre with an approximate net density of 5.03 units per acre. The county’s future land use map supports up to two net units per acre on the subject property.

The Henry County staff report is available to view on the county website.

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