Plans submitted for new Starbucks in Locust Grove

Starbucks and an urgent care facility plan to build in Locust Grove. (Example photo / Wilson Development Group)

GDP Group of Akron, Ohio has submitted plans for commercial redevelopment in Locust Grove. The site, located at 4837 Bill Gardner Pkwy and presently occupied by the Shell service station, is proposed to be built into a dual-tenant structure. Planned tenants include Starbucks and a not-yet-named Urgent Care medical facility.

The Locust Grove city council held a workshop preview of the request during its July 15 meeting and approved the architectural plans in August. Comments made by city council members at the July meeting focused on parking requirements and ensuring the site was large enough to provide adequate parking.

The proposed concept site plan shows improved pedestrian access for the site via a dedicated path connecting the street sidewalk to the store front, maintains interparcel connectivity with the adjacent Waffle House, and removes one curb cut off Bill Gardner Parkway improving access manegement. A drive-thru is planned to wrap around the building for the Starbucks.

Note: the above photo depicts a similar dual-tenant commercial building in Gainesville, GA and may not be representative of the final buildout in Locust Grove. The photo was sourced from Wilson Development Group of Atlanta, GA.

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