Cultural arts center at Nash Farm? Purchase of mobile stage? BOC to consider parks agenda items.

Example photo of Stageline SL75 Stage
Henry County is considering the purchase of a 20' x 16' mobile stage. (Stageline photo)
Henry County is considering the purchase of a 20′ x 16′ mobile stage. (Stageline photo)

Update: the BOC approved both expenditures with unanimous 6-0 votes.

The Henry County Board of Commissioners will consider two agenda items related to Parks & Recreation during its meeting on Tuesday, July 9, at 9:00 am. Meetings are held at the Henry County Administration Building located on Henry Parkway in McDonough.

Cultural Arts Center at Nash Farm

A proposed cultural arts center / flex space theater would make use of the existing activity barn at Nash Farm Park and transform the building at a cost of $94,250.73 to “greatly enhance special projects and initiatives offered by Henry County Parks & Recreation while increasing revenues as an economic driver” (staff exhibit July 9, 2019).

County staff recommend purchasing demo / used equipment from Productions and Concerts, Inc. of Stockbridge, GA in the amount of $94,250.73. A budget amendment is also requested in the amount of $94,251 from Impact Fee Revenue to Site Improvement.

Mobile Staging System

The commissioners will consider purchasing a 20′ x 16′ mobile staging system to “benefit existing programs and allow the county to offer many new programs countywide” (staff exhibit July 9, 2019). The lowest bid for the equipment was submitted by Stageline Mobile Stage in L’Assomption, Quebec, Canada in the amount of $94,075.00.

A budget amendment is also requested in the amount of $94,075 from Impact Fee Revenue to Site Improvement.

Use of Impact Fees

The county commissioners approved a resolution in February 2019 updating the impact fee program to authorize that funds collected may be spent on “system improvements necessitated by new development” (Henry County Resolution 19-40). Historically, the fees could only be spent on debt retirement.

Impact fees are collected on all new construction within unincorporated Henry County*. Impact fees collected for the construction of a new single-family home total $1,661.50, to include $838.15 for parks & recreation. The fee structure varies for commercial and industrial buildings based on building square footage and the intended use.

As part of this year’s update to the program, the BOC agreed to split the impact fee funds into equal amounts per commission district. As of August 2018, the most recent annual update to the capital improvements element, the parks and recreation impact fee account had $1,639,994.96 in available funds.

*Cities within Henry County may authorize and collect impact fees for new construction within city limits. Municipal impact fees are separate from the county’s program.

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