Stockbridge adopts small box discount store ordinance

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The city of Stockbridge adopted a zoning code text amendment concerning small box discount stores during its meeting on Monday, July 8 . The proposed amendment prohibits new stores within one mile of existing locations.

The amendment defines Small Box Discount Stores as follows:

A retail store (a) with floor area less than 12,000 square feet (b) that primarily offers for sale a combination and variety of convenience shopping goods and consumer shopping goods; and (c) continuously offers and advertises a majority of the items in their inventory for sale at a price less than $10.00 per item. Small Box Discount Store shall not include the following: drug stores or convenience stores attached to or collocated with gas stations. (Proposed Stockbridge Ordinance July 8, 2019)

The amendment states the following:

To avoid over-concentration, a small box discount store must be separated from another small box discount store within or outside the City by a minimum distance of 5,280 feet. The required separation distance must be measured in a straight line from the nearest point on the lot line of the property occupied by a small box discount store to the nearest point on a lot line of the other property occupied by a small box discount store. (Proposed Stockbridge Ordinance July 8, 2019)

As of July 2019, there are seven stores within the Stockbridge area that could be considered small box discount stores. This does not include any locations under construction.

Moving Henry Forward appreciates the actions taken by Stockbridge to adopt this ordinance and encourages Henry County and other cities to consider similar action. Increasing the distance buffer to three or five miles would make for a stronger ordinance, especially in unincorporated Henry County.

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