Rare annexation request in Hampton proposes to build ninety one lots

An application for annexation and rezoning request for 43.23 +/- acres along South Hampton Road proposes to build ninety one lots under the city’s R-3 zoning district. Hampton’s R-3 zoning district allows minimum lot sizes of 12,000 square feet.

A concurrent request to amend the comprehensive land use plan from rural residential development to medium density residential has also been submitted by the land owner.

September 7 update: the Hampton city council will consider the second reading to annex the subject properties on Tuesday, September 10, at 6 pm. Meetings are held at Hampton city hall on E Main Street. If the properties are annexed into the city, the council will consider a first reading to rezone the properties later during the meeting.

The first vote to annex the properties passed 4-3 in August. Council members Tarpley, Turner, and Mitchell voted in favor of annexation. Council members Byrd, Bodie, and Brown voted in opposition. Mayor Hutchison cast the tiebreaking vote in support of annexation.

The Henry County zoning advisory board, acting in its official capacity as Hampton’s zoning advisory board, recommended denial of the applicant’s requests in July 2019. Members of the ZAB and community members in attendance expressed concern over the proposed development’s density and deviation from the county’s comprehensive land use plan.

Concept site plan for South Hampton Road rezoning request
The proposed subdivision contains 91 lots on 43 acres. (applicant photo)

When evaluating the comprehensive plan amendment, Henry County planning staff considered other subdivisions in the immediate vicinity. Although the county’s FLUM recommends rural residential development for the area, adjacent existing subdivisions within the city limits of Hampton comprise 12,000 square feet and 10,890 sq ft lots. Considering these factors, planning staff recommended approval of the comp plan amendment.

Planning staff have recommended approval of the rezoning request with the following conditions:

  1. Access shall be located such that the minimum intersection sight distance and minimum spacing requirements of the HCDOT are met per the posted speed limit of South Hampton Road.
  2. Access shall have a deceleration lane and acceleration taper designed and constructed to HCDOT standards.
  3. The owner/developer shall complete a traffic study equivalent to that required in Henry County’s Unified Land Development Code, Section 8.01.02. The owner/developer shall be required to complete indicated improvements to the satisfaction of HCDOT for access to South Hampton Road as a part of the subdivision’s first approved development permit.
  4. Each home shall have a minimum two-car garage.
  5. All houses shall be built on site (no modular or manufactured homes).
  6. All disturbed areas shall be sodded, except where landscaping is present or installed.

More information is available on the county website: Comprehensive Plan amendment | Rezoning request

Note: an additional 205.51 acres located immediately to the west is owned by the applicant’s agent, HP Henry LLC. The additional property is located within the city limits of Hampton and zoned residential agriculture. A rezoning request has not been submitted for that property to the knowledge of MHF page editor Clayton Carte.

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