Henry County objects to proposed annexations in Hampton and McDonough

The board of commissioners unanimously approved objections to two proposed annexations on Tuesday morning, one each in the cities of Hampton and McDonough. The objections are based on applicants’ intentions to develop the property at a higher density than the county’s future land use map supports.

The county’s objection cannot prevent the annexation from occurring, but rather opens up dialogue between the commissioners and city council about the proposed development. The development cannot proceed further in the rezoning process and be voted on by the city council until the objection and subsequent arbitration process are resolved.

Campground Road in McDonough

General Holdings Unlimited, LLC of McDonough, GA has requested annexation and rezoning to the city of McDonough’s R-75 zoning district for 183.18 acres located on Campground Road. The developer is proposing 416 single-family lots on the property resulting in a gross density of 2.27 units per acre. The proposed net density accounting for flood plains on the property is not available.

The county’s future land use map designates the property for low density residential development between one and two net units per acre. If developed in unincorporated Henry County, the property would most likely receive an R-2S zoning with minimum lot sizes of 22,000 square feet or half-acre lots. The smallest lot size proposed by the applicant is 7,500 square feet, with an average overall lot size of 10,543 square feet.

South Hampton Road in Hampton

HP Henry LLC of Atlanta, GA has requested annexation and rezoning to the city of Hampton’s R-3 zoning district for 43.21 acres located at 540 South Hampton Road. If annexed into the city, the property will be combined with 205.51 acres located to the immediate west owned by the applicant to form a proposed subdivision.

Information about the proposed subdivision is not available; however, Hampton’s R-3 zoning district allows lot sizes as small as 12,000 square feet. The subject property is designated for rural residential development on the county’s future land use map supporting densities less than one unit per acre.

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