Henry County approves 12 miles of road resurfacing

Photo of GDOT work crew resurfacing a roadway

The Henry County Board of Commissioners approved the 2019 package of roadway resurfacing on Tuesday morning. Approximately twelve miles of roadway, consisting of fourteen roadways, will be resurfaced using Local Maintenance Improvement Grant funds received from Georgia DOT.

Two vendors responded to the bid package, with the lowest bid awarded to CW Matthews Contracting of Marietta, GA for $3,623,163.31. Available funding through the LMIG program, combined with the county’s thirty percent local match, totals $2,794,160.90. The remaining difference of $829,002.41 will be paid for through SPLOST IV dollars.

The roads to be resurfaced include the following:

District I

  • New Hope Road (SR 81 to Leguin Mill Road)

District II

  • Amah Lee Road (Steele Dr to Lake Amah Lee Rd)
  • Franklin Rivers Road (Lake Amah Lee Rd to US 19/41)
  • Avalon Parkway (SR 155 to just north of Interstate South Drive)

District III

  • Wilson Drive (Upchurch Rd to N Ola Rd)

District IV

  • Hemphill Road (SR 138 to SR 155)

District V

  • Asante Drive (Missing Lake Dr to cul-de-sac)
  • Davis Road (SR 42 to N Davis Rd)
  • Homestead Place (Homestead Rd to Cumberland Dr)
  • Johns Creek Lane (Gardner Rd to cul-de-sac)
  • Lost Berry Court (Asante Dr to cul-de-sac)
  • Mansfield Way (Johns Creek Ln to Johns Creek Ln)
  • Missing Lake Drive (Panola Road to cul-de-sac)

Note: the four cities receive LMIG funds separate from the board of commissioners. The roadways listed above are county-maintained roads generally found in unincorporated Henry County.

SPLOST IV Budget Amendments

To cover the SPLOST IV portion of resurfacing costs and provide additional resurfacing funds to be used at a later date, remaining funds in completed SPLOST IV projects were transferred via budget amendment to each district’s resurfacing account. This is a common practice for Henry County to spend cost savings from capital projects on roadway resurfacing.

District I – total of $269,328.00

  • $9,261.00 from Kitchen (Locust Grove Event Center)
  • $67,493.00 from Baseball Field
  • $49,203.00 from SR 81 at Mt. Bethel Road
  • $75,790.00 from Harris Drive
  • $23,151.00 from Weems Road
  • $181.00 from King Mill over Tussahaw Creek
  • $31,567.00 from Locust Grove over Indian Creek
  • $12,322.00 from Jackson Lake over Mackey Creek

$8,406.00 was reallocated to Bill Gardner Parkway and $260,922.00 to district I resurfacing.

District II – total of $113,695.00

  • $465.00 from Bear Creek Senior / Recreation Center
  • $19,421.00 from Mt. Carmel at Chambers Road
  • $55,400.00 from Blackhall over Rum Creek
  • $3,551.00 from Hampton-Locust Grove Road over Indian Creek
  • $24,966.00 from Hampton-Locust Grove Road over Towaliga River
  • $3,531.00 from Jonesboro Road over Walnut Creek
  • $6,361.00 from Old SR 3 over Norfolk Southern railroad

$113,695.00 was reallocated to district II resurfacing.

District III – total of $746,083.00

  • $62.00 from Heritage Park Improvements
  • $14,919.00 from Dailey Mill at Jodeco Road
  • $93,897.00 from East Lake at SR 20
  • $20,286.00 from Jodeco at Oak Grove
  • $58,523.00 from Lake Dow at Rodgers / Rosser Roads
  • $50,645.00 from SR 81 at Mt. Bethel Road
  • $6,249.00 from Butler’s Bridge Drive
  • $3,070.00 from Candler Road
  • $2,581.00 from Eskew Road
  • $474,180.00 from Turner Church Road
  • $21,671.00 from Turner Circle

$746,083.00 was reallocated to district III resurfacing.

District IV – total of $145,036.00

  • $50.00 from Hemphill at SR 138
  • $57,046.00 from Hemphill over James Creek
  • $9,490.00 from Old Conyers over Big Cotton Indian Creek
  • $78,450.00 from Selfridge over Little Cotton Indian Creek

$100,000.00 was reallocated to Rock Quarry Road widening and $45,036.00 to district IV resurfacing.

No budget amendments were included for district V.

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  1. I did not see Island Shoals Rd listed. Our road is worse since they put down a very very very thin layer of asphalt. They were prompt in fixing the small potholes, but they dumped the leftover asphalt in a hole on the street which left a 6 inch high hill.

    • Clayton – Locust Grove, Georgia – Clayton Carte is the founder and owner of Moving Henry Forward Community News. The website provides local news coverage in Henry County, Georgia.
      Clayton says:

      Each commission district receives an equal amount of funding then the district commissioner works with county staff to identify which roadways will be resurfaced. I encourage you to contact Henry County DOT at (770) 288-7623 regarding the leftover asphalt.

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