Georgia DOT shifts SR 155 widening one year to 2030

Georgia State Route 155 road sign

Information posted on Georgia DOT’s website indicates that a long range project to widen State Route 155 between I-75 and Hampton-Locust Grove Road has been shifted one year later than initially planned. The state now forecasts construction to start in 2030, rather than a previous estimate of 2029.

Each phase of the project has been shifted one year, starting with preliminary engineering in 2026 (previously 2025), followed by right of way acquisition in 2028 (previously 2027). Many residents have expressed frustration at the lengthy timeline for the $72 million dollar project.

A separate project, currently in preliminary engineering, will widen the state highway between I-75 and SR 81 in McDonough. Construction for that portion is budgeted to start in 2023 at a cost of $36.1 million. Projects are funded through House Bill 170, legislation that raised the state gas tax in 2015 to provide additional funding for transportation projects.


One thought on “Georgia DOT shifts SR 155 widening one year to 2030

  1. Meanwhile, DOT builds 4 lane highways thru places like Washington County, with little current traffic and no future forecast, at a break neck pace..


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