ARC completes DRI review for 75 South Logistics Center

The 75 South Logistics Center proposes two warehouses on 179 acres. (ARC photo)

The Atlanta Regional Commission has completed its review of the proposed 75 South Logistics Center on Colvin Drive in Locust Grove. The development of regional impact review is a state-mandated process for large developments that allows the regional commission to advise local governments about potential impacts if the project builds. The DRI does not contemplate if the local government should or should not approve the project.

The trigger for the DRI review is a rezoning application for 29 acres located on Jackson Street. If the rezoning is approved, the land will be combined with 52 acres south of Colvin Drive to form phase I of the project – a 1,251,250 square foot warehouse. The DRI also evaluated phase II of the project – an additional 1,364,000 square feet of industrial space located on 98 acres recently annexed into the city. Land owners for the 98 acres may request an industrial rezoning in early 2020.

Moving Henry Forward published a summary of the project’s traffic study on February 8. The project is projected to generate over 4,000 new daily vehicle trips on nearby roadways. The study recommends the following transportation improvements:

  • Improve SR 42 at Bethlehem Road into either a traffic signal or single-lane roundabout (existing no-build deficiency)
  • Improve SR 42 at Marketplace Blvd into either a traffic signal or single-lane roundabout (existing no-build deficiency)
  • Improve SR 42 at Bill Gardner Parkway to allow dual left-hand turning lanes from Bill Gardner Pkwy eastbound to SR 42 northbound (2023 no-build deficiency) (need will be addressed with programmed intersection improvements by the city)
  • Improve SR 42 at Colvin Drive into either a traffic signal or single-lane roundabout
  • Improve SR 42 at Pine Grove Road into either a traffic signal or single-lane roundabout
  • Upgrade the local roadways (Colvin Drive and Pine Grove Road) to support the additional weight from heavy vehicle traffic
  • Upgrade the railroad crossings with enhanced safety equipment

ARC offers the following comments about the project:

  • “This DRI manifests certain aspects of regional policy. The plan contemplates a warehouse/distribution facility, supporting regional economic development. It also offers the potential for efficiencies and connectivity in intraregional, interregional and interstate freight movement given its access to SR 42 and, ultimately, I-75 to the west – and its proximity to nearby warehousing and industrial areas, particularly to the northwest along SR 42 and King Mill Road and along SR 155.”
  • “The development team should ensure that Pine Grove Road is improved to accommodate the DRI project traffic, especially trucks, as shown on the submitted site plan. These improvements also include upgrades – at minimum, a new signal and gate arms – to the railroad crossing on Pine Grove Road. Finally, the applicant/development team, City of Locust Grove, Henry County DOT and GDOT will need to continue coordination regarding the planned improvements, shown on the site plan, to the intersections of both SR 42 at Colvin Dr. and SR 42 at Pine Grove Rd.”
  • “Many areas near the site, especially to the immediate west, north, east, and southeast, are unlike this DRI – in that they are predominated by single family residential uses, small homesteads, and undeveloped or forested land. This includes areas and properties outside the City of Locust Grove’s jurisdiction, e.g., unincorporated Henry County directly to both the north and east of the project site. Along those lines, ARC’s understanding is that Phase II of this DRI (north of Colvin Dr.) was annexed into Locust Grove in late 2018 but cannot be proposed for rezoning to a classification that allows warehouse/industrial development until late 2019. In view of all of these factors, it will be critical for City leadership and staff, along with the development team, to collaborate to the greatest extent possible to ensure maximum sensitivity to nearby local governments, neighborhoods, natural resources and land uses.”
  • “As mentioned above, continued coordination will be required regarding planned improvements, shown on the site plan, to the intersections of SR 42 at Colvin Dr. and SR 42 at Pine Grove Rd. GDOT District 3 comments, received during the review, indicate that the new signal at SR 42 and Colvin Dr., proposed by the DRI applicant, will not meet signal warrants and therefore will not be signalized.”

ARC’s final report is available online. The Jackson Street rezoning request and associated comprehensive plan amendment will be presented to the Locust Grove city council and a public hearing conducted on Monday, March 18, at 6 PM.

Moving Henry Forward was the first outlet to report the proposed annexation in September and will continue coverage about this project and others like it throughout Henry County. Consider following the blog on social media to stay up to date with our content: Facebook|TwitterInstagram

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