New subdivision proposed on Lake Dow Road

Proposed site plan for Blue River subdivision along Lake Dow Road (McDonough photo / staff graphic)

Falcon Design Consultants, on behalf of Blue River Development, has requested annexation into the city of McDonough and rezoning from RA (residential agricultural) to McDonough’s R-75 district (single-family residential) for an undeveloped property on Lake Dow Road. The property consists of 62.21 acres and is located north of the roundabout with Rodgers / Rosser Roads.

The R-75 district allows 12,000 square foot lots. This zoning district is consistent with the adjacent subdivision, Bridleridge. The R-75 zoning yields 141 proposed lots on the subject property, providing a net density of 2.51 units per acre.

If approved, the proposed development would generate an estimated 282 school age children. The property is zoned for Walnut Creek Elementary, McDonough Middle, and McDonough High. All three schools accepted applications for school choice transfers for the upcoming 2019-2020 school year implying the availability of capacity.

The property is designated for low-density residential development on the Henry County future land use map, supporting between one and two net dwelling units per acre. On the city of McDonough future land use map, the surrounding area is marked as estate residential. The Imagine Henry 2040 comprehensive plan provides the following description for the designation:

These are large lots residential development on the outskirts of the city. Future Development should be conservation subdivisions or estate development. High quality design of development and excellent public realm amenities are required with any new development.

The proposed development is inconsistent with both the county’s FLUM and city’s FLUM. Despite this, the adjacent subdivision is built under the same zoning district establishing precedent for the request within the area.

City staff is evaluating consideration of approval “in order to provide for economic stability…along the Lake Dow Road corridor.” A previous council meeting exhibit about the project is available to view on the city website. The full staff report is not yet available.

Blue River Development’s request for annexation and rezoning was presented to the McDonough Planning Commission in a workshop setting on Tuesday, March 12. The MPC will conduct public review for the project and accept comments from audience members at its meeting on Tuesday, April 9, at 6 pm. The members will vote to provide a recommendation to the city council about the request at that meeting. The city council meeting on April 15 will utilize a similar format, including a public hearing, to render the final decision about the request. If the council denies the applicant’s application for annexation into the city, then the question about zoning is moot and the land would remain within unincorporated Henry County.

All meetings are open to the public and held at McDonough city hall starting at 6 pm.

This project was originally scheduled before the city council in December 2018 before the request was delayed at the request of the applicant. The article has been updated at various times to reflect the most recent meeting dates.

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