Locust Grove annexes 98 acres along Colvin Drive

The area hatched in yellow has been annexed into the city of Locust Grove. (Henry County photo)

New information published in February 2019 indicates land owners’ continued plans to build industrial development on the property. The Atlanta Regional Commission has published a traffic study and site plan for the proposed project.

The Locust Grove council has voted 3-2 to annex 98 acres north of Colvin Drive into the city limits. Council members Hammock, Ashe, and Taylor voted in favor of the annexation; council members Boone and Greer voted against the request. Council member Gardner recused himself since some of the land is owned by the Gardner family.

The proposed annexation has been the subject of intense public opposition after it was unveiled the land owners’ request for an industrial zoning district to build warehouses. Moving Henry Forward was the first community source to inform residents about the plans.

The Henry County Board of Commissioners filed an objection against the proposed industrial use, and the city changed the proposed zoning district to residential use. Now that the property has been annexed into the city, the BOC no longer has any input on the permitted use of the property. The land owners may request another rezoning request in one year’s time. The property is anticipated to reappear before the council in early 2020 to request M-1 (light manufacturing).

The mayor and half of the council are next on the ballot in November 2019. Municipalities use odd-numbered years for their elections. The anticipated M-1 request in early 2020 is not a guarantee depending on the results of next year’s elections.

The public hearing on the proposed rezoning was held two weeks ago during the city’s workshop meeting. City residents utilized the public comments portion of last night’s meeting to voice concerns about the council’s outlook on growth, approving large industrial projects before the infrastructure can be built to accommodate the estimated thousands of new daily vehicle trips.

Votes were not taken for ClayCo phase II, the new proposed subdivision on South Bethany Road, and continuation of Berkeley Lakes subdivision off Davis Road. The requests will appear as action items at a future council meeting.

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